2017 Steam Best of

TPW is on the Steam top new releases of 2017:

Thimblepark Weed! I’ve been meaning to play that.



Took me a while to get that :smile:

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as measured by revenue

I wonder was this means.
The total revenue until now?
Or the revenue of the next 30 days after release? (they don’t have this information for December yet)

Good question, I would suspect that it’s best overall revenue for the games that released in March. There aren’t a lot of big names there (or that released that month), so we probably didn’t have a lot of competition.

Me too me too! :smile:

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Over time it doesn’t make a lot difference but especially later December releases seem to have a disadvantage (since they released their list immediately after end of 2017). There aren’t many late December releases though, but it also affects other releases late in a month (extreme case for November being 1 vs 2 months of sale time).