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A mini Commodore 64 is coming. Would you buy it?

I thought they were the symbols for the exit visa codes for Zak! :smile:

There is. It´s called the Wii Virtual Console. Many of the old games can be downloaded for it.

Though, you don’t have access to the Virtual Console via your Nintendo mini console. You need a (modern) Wii or a 3DS instead. I just meant that the Nintendo mini consoles are not only restricted in the number of sold units but also restricted in the number of provided games. I admit that 60 bucks were nonetheless a great price for such a nostalgic retro console. But, what is it worth for, if you don’t get any at this price? The fact that Nintendo isn’t interested in producing any more units of the NES mini reveals that they just sold it in order to create a hype and increase the value of their brand this way.

The online PETSCII editor is the second coolest thing I have ever seen, for C64!!!

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I agree. And even though I was lucky enough to get both for their recommended price, I just wish they weren´t so valuable. I´ve already put the NES pack into the package and when I have played through most of the games of the SNES I will do the same with it because I can´t something like this just stand around exposed. Otherwise I´d probably even take them on travels, but not if the things are so much worth that I can´t risk absolutly anything happening to them. Though Nintendo announced to produce more of both of them, I still can´t be sure.

Somebody should create a mini ENIAC. It would weight only a few quintals and the player could run on it the program to calculate the feasibility of an hydrogen bomb.

I didn’t know that. My state of knowledge was that they would not. Well, it would be a great opportunity to add the NES port of Maniac Mansion - or even access to Virtual Console.

It seems that MM is not available on Virtual Console, though.

With it being a Disney property now, the chances may have shrunken for that (also the demand might not be very high) though I think I´ve seen an Indiana Jones game on there(but there might be a higher demand for that).

I guess they weigh how much they have to pay for licenscing fees vs. how many people will probably pay for it.

That’s true. I cannot find any Disney game on the mini consoles or on Virtual Console.

Hence, it’s great to have RetroPie!

You know I say, if there is absolutly no way for me to legally obtain it, it is their own fault (this is also true for movies).

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Just put that:
(Source code here:
on an Raspberry Pi. re-released several Disney games (btw: at the moment some of them are on sale). So the chances are not “zero”. :slight_smile:

btw: I was surprised that Disney owns the Dynamix games (like TIM and Willy Beamish)…

Who knows how they ended up there…

Dynamix also created Red Baron which seems now to be owned by Mad Otter Games (they tried a Kickstarter campaign for a remastered version)

Too bad it won’t ship to India…

Hi…i didn’t like NES mini that it didn´t have Ducktails on it and about the SNES mini that it doesn´t have Turtles In Time. They in fact have no licensed games at all. I wonder if those based on movies or TV are much more expensive than licenscing games from third party developers like Konami and Capcom.

Those licensed games are (often) also by Konami and Capcom, aren’t they? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess the license expired decades ago and nobody thinks it’s worthwhile to look into it too much.

So @ParkeLie, you just changed the first four words there?



Would I buy a C64 mini? I have no idea. But as it turns out, I would buy this!

I blame @Sushi here.


Awesome! I bet you want to get it signed as well?

That’d be pretty cool too. :slight_smile:

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