A Thimbleweed Park story, by a "pure" user

Don’t say that to a woman!

(Unless she wears white sneakers. In which case, tell her “you are worthless and I pity you”).

Of course you can enjoy multiple playthroughs.

But after completing hard mode the first time all puzzles are spoiled and unless your memory really really really sucks you will remember them.
When completing casual mode as first playthrough then of course all casual mode puzzles are spoiled for the next playthroughs, but also quite some hard mode puzzles too which is IMHO the not-so-nice-thing about starting with casual modes.

Yeah yeah, stop bragging :slight_smile:

Now, that´s oddly specific…

My point is that “puzzles are spoiled” is not a problem to most people, who enjoy the experience anyway.

It’s like when some people say “don’t tell me about the movie, you will spoil it for me!!!”

That’s mostly a “nerd” thing in the internet. To many people, knowing how a movie develops or ends does not change their enjoyment of it, probably because they don’t put so much focus on the “surprise” as the basis for their enjoyment.

In the case of puzzle games, I say that it’s a very “hardcore” notion that knowing the solution to a puzzle is a bad thing. Most people put a larger premium on the story or full experience.

This is the reason why a lot of people can fall in love with a game even when they only played it using a walk-through. That may be a completely incomprehensible thing to some, but just doing it on one’s own is not necessarily a valuable thing to a lot of people.


Oh I hate those people… :stuck_out_tongue:
Next you will tell me there are people (monsters) out there who can enjoy recordings of sport games even if they know the results!

He has a thing about white sneakers.


Oh, it’s much worse than that! Some people don’t enjoy sports at all!!! :scream:


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I think that this is very true. I’ve seen several people enjoying TWP following a walkthrough and to them the fact that there is an easier mode and an harder mode is almost irrelevant, because they focus on the story. That’s why I also think that explicitly informing them that “Hard” is the full story might help them to decide which version to play.

Why do you hate white sneakers?

What is worse: white sneakers or the… risvoltini ? (I can’t translate those in English, maybe “cuffs” ?)

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I hold this truth to be self-evident.

(by playing Phantasmagoria.)

But don’t you see that that is your own opinion? I disagree, I think “Hard” mode is just what it says on the tin: longer and harder puzzles with deeper puzzle chains. The full story you get in either mode.

That is my opinion, formed from having played both many, many times already.


Here’s a list of female shoes that, had they been used in Phantasmagoria, would still be better than the white sneakers of the protagonist:








LOL!!! The white sneakers serve a purpose: she can blind any gothic demon by just dancing in front of them. :laughing:

AHAHAHAHA!!! Those are perfect!!!

Of course it is, which part of the sentence made you conclude that there was an intent to provide it as something different than a personal opinion?

Still, some people don’t get that “Casual” also implies that it doesn’t contain several sub-stories nor can understand easily how much of the full story the “Casual” mode doesn’t have. Sometimes this is a consequence of the fact that some people don’t fully read the description of the two modes but only their name. This is a description of what I have observed, not an opinion.




Maybe they come to a different conclusion than me, then it’s fine and nothing is lost.
The problem is when it’s the same conclusion but then it’s too late when they have already chosen and played casual.

But nonetheless it’s not that big of a deal because those people (like me) who really care about such stuff generally read such descriptions carefully enough.

You see, I don’t agree with that either. You keep saying about missing “sub-plots” or “full story,” but in my experience, it’s all there.

So you can’t access the Radio Station; you only need that for an extended puzzle, and the plot point about DJ Cassey being a conspiracy theorist and taking over the station is made every time you turn on a radio. What sub-plot is missing there?

Then there is the underground bunker, whose whole purpose is to give additional objects for extended puzzles. The plot point about there being a conspiracy and some townfolks being on to it, and a secret group that knows about this, is made by the Pigeon Bros. Sisters and many of the townsfolk you do get to talk to.

What specific sub-plot is missing that is not insinuated directly or suggested indirectly by the Casual Mode gameplay and story?

And more importantly, apart from the satisfaction of deeper and richer puzzles (which may not be important to a lot of people), what do they add to the actual story that is so important as to make the Casual Mode insufficient or incomplete?


What if she listens to Thrash Metal? Then white sneakers would be mandatory. :thinking: