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David Fox, Annie Fox, Noah Falstein in The Netherlands in June

Of course you and @David and Annie are welcome to stay at my place for free at the price of somewhat reduced comfort. Sufficient comfort for one guest; probably a lot worse for two guests. :wink:

@Sushi lives pretty close. I’m not sure if there are other people from the Benelux on the forum.

If I’m not mistaken you said you’d visited Amsterdam and Haarlem? The Hague + Scheveningen can be pretty cool if you haven’t been there. There’s also nice old cities like Deventer, but that’s a lot further east.

Yes, we visited Amsterdam, Den Haag, and probably some other cities, but that was 30 years ago! And thanks for the offer… we’ll get back to you as our plans are firmed up.

I’ll be present, too, with a friend of mine!
We plan to stay in the Netherlands a few days, and of course we’ll be present on 27 and 28 June.
We’ll likely stay in a hostel near the Amsterdam train station (it’s located on the other side of the river). From there, it takes 20 minutes by train to reach the festival.
We don’t have any plan yet, but we’ll be glad to spend our few days together with @David , Annie, @Frenzie and whoever of this forum will be there!
So, any itinerary is welcome! :hugs:


Count me in! Probably not for the Amsterdam part -although I’d like to meet @ZakPhoenixMcKracken in person too- , but anything in Belgium or the south of the Netherlands…
@tasse-tee, time for another visit to the low lands?

@David, if you want a change of scenery from the usual suspects and quaint old cities, you can plan your itinerary to go through Zeeland (on the way from Rotterdam to Antwerp/Brussels for example) with lots of stops on the way. I’d be happy to guide and drive you (and others) around.


I’m busy at the weekend of the festival, but I could potentially come to Brussels! Keep me posted with your travel plans, @David :smile:


Thanks, it would be a pleasure for me to meet you!
Maybe my friend and I could add one day, and visit Brussels or other towns in Belgium/Benelux.
Let’s share our travel plans!


Definitely will post here when I know more!


Um… I was adviced to postpone this event (by clashing event organiser), so I could attend… :thinking:
Not going to happen, me thinks…

Which event is postponed? Flashback 20/20? Tell me more!

None of them. I need to attend another event at the same time in Finland. The organiser of the event here suggested I postpone Flashback 20/20 in order to be able to attend both of them. I told him I might not have the power to postpone Flashback 20/20…


I suggest a combination of cloning and attending via VR.


I was considering teleportation… For that I need to first visit San Francisco, Seattle, Katmandu, Miami, Nepal, Mexico, Peru and Stonehenge. And I’d need Annie to join me in Stonehenge.


Sounds like a plan!


Because to some extent we’re living in the future of my childhood, I can’t tell if you’re joking or if that’s actually a thing now.

Don’t forget Kinshasa…

I’m not going to Mars, just Amsterdam… :thinking:


You could.


Finlanders are from Venus, Amsterdammers are from Mars.

You don’t have to go to France, the Marsdeep (where I grew up) isn’t too far north of Amsterdam.

Well, both. I was joking because I don’t think this retro conference has VR set up, though they may have streaming or recording of sessions? No inside info on this, just that many conferences do.

But there are definitely conferences held solely in VR. In fact, there’s one starting on Monday for educators, and it’s free:

I just attended my first talk in VR, by a couple of the Fable guys that created “Wolves in the Walls”. Fun!


Hello everybody,

my travel plan is cancelled postponed. My friend can’t come with me anymore, private reasons.
I hope think I can make it, anyway… I’ll keep you adjourned.

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