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David Fox (with Annie Fox) and Noah Falstein in Germany in August! (+The price of pizza)

lol :smiley:
Yeah but I need to collect her after work from her Mom. I finish earliest at 17:30
So basicly I´m already half way to cologne after work, have to drive back during rush hour to pick her up and then I´ld have to drive all the way back to cologne. That´s about an hour or more. Plus finding a parking spot there.
But it´s dinner time then and I usually have to cook for us + she is supposed to be in bed arround 8 since kindergarten starts early in the morning next day.

I was thinking about doing that together before too. But I still don´t think that´s a good idea. It´s just nothing for her. She´s too young to play or know these games and of course she wouldn´t understand a single word.
It´s sad because out of the same reason I couldn´t meet Ron when he was in Cologne.
But I think I have to prioritize wisely.
I will sleep some nights and will see if I find a working solution. Maybe if I can quit work earlier, to be in cologne at 18:00 and stay there not to long.

I still would love it badly to meet them next week to talk a little bit.


Frankfurt, Germany, August 13, 2019


I won’t make it to Cologne, but I could be in Koblenz on Friday. It’s a 3 hours drive (one-way). Would you be up for meeting, perhaps having lunch together @David?

Wow, @Sushi, that’s a very long drive! Friday would be a possibility. Saturday we’re taking a morning train to Cologne.


I am aware that the long drive will probably turn the actual meeting into a huge disappointment :smile:

@Frenzie, wanna join?


Friday? Absolutely!


@Sushi and @Frenzie , do you mind to take some pictures of you together with The Fox, and post here? Thank you!

Sure, I can take my camera.

Anybody else interested and available for a meet in Munich?
By myself I would bore @David & Annie to death. Then again I have done some progamming work on multi-media projects for museums and my wife is working towards becoming an author and illustrator, so maybe there are things we can talk about:)

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@diessoli, Would your author/illustrator wife be willing to come? Then it wouldn’t all be on you.

We still don’t know for sure about Munich… may be a week or so before we nail down the last few days of our trip. We just know Berlin until the 25th, and flying home on the 29th from Frankfurt.

Me, but I come from Italy. I should take a day off work, I take 5.5 hours by train (plus 5.5 hours to go back), it depends on which day, and I should return home within the day… so I’d have a time windows of about one hour… but if everything will go ok, I really wish to meet David and Annie again, even if only for 60 minutes!

*pessimistic mode on*

There could be 2 events where David/Annie/Noah/Whoever could be invited, in Italy, but… AFAIK there are no news. One event is at the end of September, the other one is the following month. They seem not to take in consideration our requests enough :frowning:


Here’s a teaser image. Railroad Tycoon or Commandos? Discuss. :wink:


Hi @David, I asked and she’d like to come along. Let me know once you know if and when and we set something up.

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Re-enacting a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Excellent! Now we just have to decide for sure to go to Munich!

Go @David and @nfalstein! Enjoy the talk!


In nine minutes:


I jumped in at the last minute, so I have to rewind the stream a bit…

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@Festarossa How do you rewind the stream? I missed the first 15 minutes or so.

i jumped in to the stream and clicked an earlier point in timeline. You may have to be logged in in order to do that.

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