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Diablo - released on GOG after 22 years


Mine has even 4 CDs! (3 for the base game and 1 for the expansion)
I picked up the DVD box in a sale 8 years ago or so - one of the last games I bought in a physical form. My Steam library contained only Monkey Island and I never heard of GOG then.

I have THIS cardboard box however:

There’s lots of goodies inside, even a free paper D&D game.


Hm, I must be misremembering something. I know my friend had the base game and the expansion. (Like I said I played the assassin, which was only added in the expansion.) I guess it must’ve been one of the 4 CD ones then, but I don’t seem to recall it that way.

Maybe he just gave it to me to borrow in 2 of those cases that take 2 CDs or something. /shrug


The game runs without any hassle and feels a lot more like Diablo 1 than I expected.
I do like the added run capability!


I remember I quit playing Diablo 2, because monsters kept respawning, even bosses (not sure if all of them). It was annoying and killed the flow for me. Did they change that in later patches or maybe I had some weird settings?

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I’d say it’s rather doubtful that they implemented such a big change after 2002, but perhaps they changed it in Diablo 3. Enemies staying dead after save & quit is a major contributing factor to me saying Dungeon Siege is better.

Incidentally, friends, neutrals and enemies alike also stay dead in Entomorph if you mercilessly slaughter them.


I think I would prefer it without respawning too. (Just imagine all the hamsters I have killed would keep respawning)

And I also find it highly unlikely they later made such a big balancing change with a patch.
So, who has played Diablo 3?


How do you mean “balancing change”? You have 2-3 hours, play until you beat the boss, no problem. You have <1 hour, you’re out of luck, hardly any sense in starting anything. Maybe you can kill a couple of rats in the sewer.


Isn’t changing a game from having respawning enemies to enemies with permadeath or vice versa a big change?
It affects how the whole game is played, item wear and everything, isn’t it?


Enemies not respawning and staying slain on the floor is an easy way to find your way back to town in any game. Just follow the trail of dead corpses and turn & run when you encounter a living (or undead) creature.

On the other hand, wandering groups of scavengers are more “realistic” in any dungeon and make the place feel less empty/abandoned once you and your party nuked them.

I’m ok with both styles I guess.


Hehe, haven’t thought of this breadcrumb feature.

Yeah, it always depends how well balanced they made the overall game.

One thing which can be annoying (especially older games) is when you clear a screen, run one way, then remember “Oops, I wanted to go the other direction”, then entering the same screen right away and all those jerks are here again :slight_smile:

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Playing some SSI D&D games for the first time ever makes me wish there wasn’t a respawning (or rather a d-whatever roll to determine if you run into another bunch of foes on every single move, including turning around) in those.


They stay dead while the game is running.

There’s respawn after save & quit. This is the one I’m talking about.

There’s resurrection by some shaman/clan leader/whatever. This is game balance.

There’s enemy-generation by beehive (um, sarcophagus and whatnot). Tends to feel cheap to me but it’s okay.

And then there’s wandering groups of enemies. This is cool.

All of the above could be called “respawns” in some sense but I’m only talking about save & quit. As in, you need to redo the whole dungeon if you can’t finish.

Yeah, I can’t stand those (anymore). :stuck_out_tongue:

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This sounds like a bug. How can a game designer be OK with that?



That sounds awful indeed!
How does it affect the save/restore cycle(which I used in order to win Diablo)?
To be fair: I haven’t tried it in Diablo 2 yet - I only played a few minutes, skipping all dialogue and just ran into the first cave I could find to get a taste of the gameplay.


Indeed, just like that. I always thought there was only one mummy in a sarcophagus, or maybe a few in some cases, but I guess they’re clown’s sarcophagi… :wink:

Keep in mind there are more years between me playing Diablo 2 and now than between me being born and Diablo 2. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey look, someone wrote the exact same thing 19 years ago!

Quoting another post just because it annoyed me…

monsters only respawn if you restart the game.

Oh yeah, I’ll just leave my computer running Diablo 2 24/7, shall I? :roll_eyes:


The conditions for respawning upon save&exit are a bit unclear:


But overall, most players want respawning (and mainly the unique loot they’re carrying)

Cba, honestly.
Perhaps I’ll try myself tonight.


And now we’ve got Warcraft.

Much more so than for Diablo 1 I’m actually somewhat tempted, but I suspect the fact that StarCraft II bores me might say more about me than about the game. On the flipside, Tiberian Sun is still pretty awesome. I’ve just always been more into C&C.

Edit: I await Lost Vikings. Or not, seeing how I’ve already got it on CD-ROM. Either way, great game.


Warcraft even contains some bonus goodies (e.g. soundtrack of the first one)!


Lost Vikings would be great.
I didn’t knew it was realeased on CD-ROM, though.