Geoguessr - 15 characters for a title? But why?!

Do you know Geoguessr? For a geography nerd like me, it’s a wonderful game.

It shows you a Google Street View location, and you have to pinpoint on the map where that location is. The nearer you guess, the more points you get.

I like it mainly because it makes you feel like one of those movie situation where you don’t remember anything and you find yourself in a place you don’t know, and have to wander around to get clues about where you actually are. Sometimes guessing nicely just by clues like language of the signs or architecture feels really cool. It feels even better to guess the exact location (my record is like 5 meters from the original point) using some Google searches and a bit of map browsing.

There’s also a challenge mode, where two (or more) people play on the same locations, there’s even the possibility to set up a time limit.

I like it a lot.


I like to guess where a location could be starting from visual points and particulars.
And you can walk through the street view before trying your guess.

I will definitely play it.

Joking apart, I’m surprised that a leisure dimension is spreading in the online maps of the territory.

Last time I connected to Google Maps, there was Wally (Waldo) on a side of the screen, asking me if I wanted to play with him (I suppose for a "Where is Wally? game). Maybe it’s after all the success of “Pokemon go” ?