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Horror films 👻


What is SFPoK?


Safe for @PiecesOfKate. :wink:


Safe For Pieces of Kate :wink:

It being this time in the morning I thought I might be able to answer myself this time :stuck_out_tongue:


:grin: also it is way to early to take a shot now. Which we should do, since we posted almost exactly at the same time.


Giallo time!

Dario Argentos early classic The Cat O´Nine Tails is on german prime now. Also The Bird with the Crystal Plumage was only 99 cents so I also got Four Flies on Grey Velvet along for the regular rent price.

So I´m gonna watch those three this week when I got the time.

Still haven´t got the chance to watch the new Suspiria, though.


I like what Tobias Forge says about the “coziness” of older Horror films. I cannot quite put my finger on it, why that is though. And I don´t think it´s the fact that they are “from another time” alone.