How Comes Neither Agent Has A Gun

So the whole TWP has to be a game.

99% of Men, Women and Pets own guns in America. 2 Agents FBI or whatever don’t? Even security guards over the pond have guns.

Also Ray smokes we see her smoking. But she doesn’t have a lighter or a packet of fags on her.

Smoking is bad


I think Delores designed Maniac Mansion at Mucasflem. She even mentions Ed once in the shop but doesn’t again and I think she wrote TWP with her co conspirators at MF. her colleagues are debugging and revising the game (that’s why certain characters disappear) so the inconsistencies that are abundant are being rooted out by the testers. In fact, WE ARE the play testers. We work at Mucasflem. One of us will even suggest Maniac Mansion instead of Mansion Mansion. It won’t be me, I’m dyslexic until I was older I thought Maniac Mansion was actually Manic Mansion.

That’s my final theory on it


I always wanted to use this clip for something! :smiley:


haha good one. I like it. why not.

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In reality, it was a design choice of course.
You can read all about it here

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Because she borrowed that cigarette. She doesn’t usually smoke, but she was nervous during her bus trip to TWP and when she exited, she asked the driver if he had a cigarette she could borrow, and went to the crime scene while smoking :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha. Ok.

So how about her smoking next to a trash can in any of the hotel floors? (try it!)

Really? I so need to replay TWP soon!
I thought they removed all the smoking for PG rating reasons.
Unlike in Grim Fandango, where it is clear that smoking kills.

I didn’t know she smoked, I need to replay it too!

However… uh… she finds a lit cigarette and since TWP stresses her, she doesn’t care and smokes even if it’s not her cigarette.

Yes and only Ray can smoke. Not Reyes.