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Issues with mobile site

I don’t know if this is the appropriate forum for this, but I have a few issues to report with the mobile site, at least from an iPhone view.

  • The “unread” flag of threads is sometimes not reset. I go up and down the thread to entice the forum software to recognize that I have read all posts, to no avail. Sometimes I get it to do so after a few tries, and sometimes I can’t. I haven’t figured out what triggers it. Perhaps there should be a button to force this rather than trying to be smart about it. These threads keep showing in the “unread” list and I can’t get rid of them.

  • The top banner partially covers the top nav-bar, including the search control when activated. There is no way to scroll up more than that. Here’s a sample screenshot:

  • There is no way to cancel out an emoji. Sometimes I type colon-parens to make a smilie, and it gets translated and auto-completed into the appropriate emoji name. Then I hit “enter” to go to another line, but since the cursor is now at the closing colon the software imagines I am trying to type another one. It then pops up another emoji menu – but there is no way to get out of it! This happens quite often and it is annoying.

  • Adding “spoiler” tags is quite cumbersome. First, if I try selecting text and then use the Blur Spoiler menu option, the screen will jump around, the selection field (blue highlight) pops up over the menu, and the menu remains instead of closing itself after executing an option. If I try to use the menu option first, the “default” text inside is pre-selected and the same issue shows up. The menu also seems to clash with the iOS “copy+paste” menu. Below is a sample screenshot:

  • “Copy+paste” menu interferes with suggested typo correction on selected text. For instance, I make a typo and it shows up with a red squiggly line underneath, so I tap on it to correct it which brings up the suggested word. As soon as I tap the suggested word, the “cut+paste” menu pops-up underneath, causing my finger to tap either Cut or Paste or whatever happens to pop-up underneath. I’ve never experienced this on iOS before in any app that lets me type. It is weird and annoying.

There may be more issues, but these are the ones I recall from using the software on my iPhone for the past week.


You are reading too fast!
There is a yellow dot right next to the timestamp indicating unread posts. It vanishes after a short time. If you scroll through a “read” topic and still see them then you previously scrolled through it too fast.
Maybe clicking on the individual posts immediately marks them read?

The header is incredibly large on non-mobile browsers too, especially on high-ppi/dpi displays.

I use various custom styles on my non-mobile browsers, maybe they help you too?

e.g. those are the header related ones:

/* remove unnecessary padding from header */
header.d-header { padding-top: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; }
#main-outlet { padding-top: 82px !important; }
/* ensure header content stays readable on background */
header.d-header .title, header.d-header .fa, header.d-header .topic-link { text-shadow: -1px 0 black, 0 1px black, 1px 0 black, 0 -1px black; }

Wow… that’s an old iPhone. I wouldn’t be surprised if there issues with the ancient Safari version.

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Hehe. I actually thought of that first, but I have tried every combination of slow that I can think of, including inching down the thread from the top in tiny incrental steps and leaving it on each one for a few seconds. Even this infuriatingly tedious method sometimes does not work.

At times, just several hours later, I return to the site and all these “unread-but-read” threads are marked as read, which is weird. It’s as if the forum software wants to be smarter than me in determining when I’ve actually read something – the risks of pro-active engineering, I guess.


I get most of these issues on my iPad as well, which is running the latest iOS 10.3.2. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll look at this. I added some custom CSS, and it might be screwing up on mobile. It looks fine on my iPhone6

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I’ll just leave this here in case you want to customise the custom CSS more…

/* don't make timeline wider as it looks */
.topic-timeline { width: 90px !important; }

/* don't crop avatar pictures */
img.avatar { border-radius: inherit; }

/* draw custom emojis pixelated */
.emoji-custom { image-rendering: pixelated; }

@eviltrout: Regarding timeline: Is there a reason it’s so wide? Without the fix I would constantly touch the slider with my right thumb on a tablet (and scroll like crazy) when I just want to do normal scrolling.

I made some changes… hopefully this is better.

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Thanks, but don’t feel obliged to spend too much time on it. In the whole scheme of things, these are minor quibbles. The entire forum software is quite good and nice.:slight_smile:

Thank you! At a glance I can tell that the top nav-bar is completely visible now.

The rest I guess I’ll check later. Very much appreciated, Mr. Gilbert.

I really wasn’t expecting such a fast turnaround. :thumbsup:

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