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Keyboard shortcuts?


I see. IMHO when you die it should really load the very last save game.
But when quick loading it should never load the autosave. I also wouldn’t really want to have it load a normal manual save. If I’d like to reload from a manual save game multiple times I’d just load it once and make a quick save right away.

Beside arbitrary limitations of game slots and save slots I like this approach.
Also ideally it should be stored in file system in a directory hierarchy (e.g. one subdirectory per game slot with one description file and multiple save files in it).
This would allow easy manual copying, duplicating, backup etc.

I know, I have high demands for some very specific things :slight_smile:


For TWP, I would say at least a few dozen for each different mode.

The reason is that TWP is a long game, I’m still experimenting with it and I need a way to quickly reach a specific point of the story. I have launched the game maybe 50 times, just to test an hypothesis or to remember a detail or to read a book in the library. I don’t want to play the entire game 50 times, I just want to experience a specific part of it.

Also, TWP has two modes and the few savegame slots are shared between them. I did a mess! Before starting my “casual” playthrough, I backed up the existing “hard” savegames so that I could restore them in the future, but when I tried to restore them I accidentally overwrote a file that had nothing to do with the savegames, resulting in issues with Steam achievements!

I had to contact the support team and they helped me to fix the issue, but the point is that we live in a era in which saved data is a form of augmented human memory and people are accustomed to save data to find and search it later. Bytes are cheap, there is no real need to limit the slots.

For a game like Thimbleweed Park, not having many slots will cause some players like me to try strange dangerous hacks to bypass the limitations, just to have more chances to save their experience.

TWP definitely needs more savegame slots.

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We should make savegame slots IAP. We’d make a fortune.


I would pay for them!


You reminded me of “DLC Quest”.


+1 for DoTT item passing. I was stuck for hours because I couldn’t pass an item from one char to another.

I guess it was actually a bug (a single big one I noticed in the whole game which is impressive).

It was early in the game and I supposed that Ransome didn’t want to coop with any of the agents (it was like they weren’t there at all). So I tried to think of various ways how to use it / hide it / put it somewhere so the other char would want to pick it up. Most of those things were really convoluted but it was a P&C game after all :slight_smile:

It’d still work if playable chars had feelings and their own motivations and if they could talk to each other.


Are you sure you this was a bug? It’s the first time I hear of this. Maybe it was just the wrong verb, e.g. ‘Use’ vs ‘Give’?


Regarding elevator shortcuts, not for just selecting a floor but actual shortcuts to floors:

I wouldn’t want this feature but out of curiosity I stopped the time the elevator needs for travelling:

  • If you go from penthouse to lobby (or vice versa) it takes 16s
  • If you call the elevator from the outside (penthouse to lobby or vice versa) it takes 13s

Those times are composed of the following elements:

When calling the elevator from the outside:

  • 1s per floor
  • 1s opening elevator door

When in the elevator:

  • 1s for leaving elevator panel and moving actor into position
  • 1s closing elevator door (unless already closed)
  • 1s per floor
  • 1 additional second for stopping
  • 1s opening elevator door
Funny things you can do and weird stuff

There was no one to give the item to. I spent quite a bit of time wandering elsewhere even solving some unrelated puzzles. Then I came back and all of a sudden I could give it to them.

I have no idea why it wasn’t possible earlier. But it seemed logical to me that the clown who put anti-fed sign to his door wouldn’t interact with them willingly. So I was trying to solve that puzzle. :slight_smile:


Do you mean, when you selected Give XXX to, the person you where trying to give it to never shows up on the sentence line? Or you couldn’t find anyone in the world to give it to?


That’s really not possible for two reasons.

  1. It would break too much code. If we’d planned short cuts from the beginning, we could have coded around it. It would also break some puzzles, so that would have to be coded around.

  2. The elevators set a mood, I don’t think you should be able to teleport to the floors.

One thing we thought of, but never implemented, was each time you took the elevator, it would move faster and faster, so it could initially set the mood, but then silently go faster. Not so fast that it seemed fast, but it would cut down the travel time.

It would scare me to make this change now. Too many odd things to test.

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Yes. I selected the verb and agents didn’t appear in the sentence completion. Like they were just a background.

It was in front of town hall (with trons) where I attempted this.

But I passed many other objects to Ray after that with no problem. And I think something from Rayes to Ray at the beginning as well.


Which object you couldn’t pass? Were you able to pass other objects?


To me, the elevator music was so perfect for that role that I enjoyed that atmosphere. I never felt the need to make that experience shorter.


As a clown I wanted to pass the item I got from Willie. I didn’t try any other item because I had no reason to do that. And I only tried those two feds. I didn’t think of a possible bug.

In meantime I could give everything to Ray as Rayes or Dolores.


That’s a terrible idea! People can work around that by reusing save slots. What you should do is charge for each use of the save or load button.


Hi Ron,

Great game!, I 'd love to use the game to learn German (by switching languages all the time in game). Since the text language changes really easy in options. Could you add a shortcut to change the language without going to options?. This would make this game perfect to learn new languages.

I tried by modifying the Prefs.json file, although I don’t see it’s implemented.

Thank you.

  1. I don’t know of a simple or already built-in way to do this.
  2. It’s unlikely that Ron will add new features to the game.
  3. But: You can use 3rd party software to execute macros, see following example :

On Windows you can use AutoHotKey with a script like this to switch between languages:


	; open menu
	Send ^o
	Sleep 10

	; enter sub menu 'Text and Speech', assuming focus on first menu item
	Send {Down}
	Sleep 10
	Send {Down}
	Sleep 10
	Send {Down}
	Sleep 10
	Send {Down}
	Sleep 10
	Send {Down}
	Sleep 10
	Send {Enter}
	Sleep 100

	; select language menu item
	Send {Up}
	Sleep 10
	Send {Down}
	Sleep 10
	; change language
	Send {Enter %count%}
	Sleep 10

	; exit sub menu 'Text and Speech'
	Send {Down}
	Sleep 10
	Send {Enter}
	Sleep 10

	; move focus back to first menu item
	Send {Down}
	Sleep 10

	; close menu
	Send ^o

When I made this I ran into following issues:
As you can see I’ve added sleeps everywhere to prevent timing issues.
Also I had to made assumptions about the currently focused menu item.

With Alt+C and Alt+V you can change the language back and forth.
Note: Do not move the mouse cursor when changing the language because it will mess with the menu selection.


WOW, thank you very much Nor_Treblig. It works well. Now I can learn at the same time that enjoy this great game. :smiley:


Good to know it works!