Largest nerd & geek convention?

The poster on the Hotel-a-boo lobby claims ThimbleCon '87 as “Thimbleweed Park’s second largest nerd and geek convention.”

If it is just the second largest, which is the largest?


Pretty sure it´s an annoying in-joke…



That brings us to the next question: What if the biggest Monkey Head Guybrush has seen?

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Would you believe, I might have explained that reference before? (scroll down to That’s the second…I’ve ever seen.)

This was used whenever Max would run into something completely ridiculous, like a giant arrow in Washington 4, Indians 3. Of course, he had to show that it was not ridiculous, so he would downplay it by saying “that’s the second biggest arrow I’ve ever seen.”

The neat thing is, while being a reference to an 20+ year old TV Show´s catchphrase (at the time) it also is very much in character for Guybrush to say that.

Thanks! I really did not get the reference.

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