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Limited Run to release "definitive Collector's Editions" of Star Wars games / Lucasfilm Games

Star Wars (NES) Premium Edition is already sold out after less than 10 minutes. Apparently there are some Star Wars fans out there!

I haven’t played them. Looking at game play videos they aren’t particularly good but also not bad. They can be frustrating. I’ve heard the NES version looks and sounds better but the Game Boy one has slightly better controls.

I wonder if this release hints at Monkey Island EGA on diskettes? Probably just a CD-ROM though.

Their will be definitely a CD/DVD with the game because it is meant to be played.

There may be floppies as bonus though but I doubt it, the Star Wars Premium Editions weren’t that impressive.
Nothing comparable to any of the Thimbleweed Park releases!

Why, did it originally come out on 5¼? :japanese_goblin:

Is a 3.5" diskette drive more niche than a classic Nintendo?

If you buy a Game Boy game or an NES game you are expected to have compatible hardware, be it original hardware or clones.

For a PC version I would expect a more compatible version. PCs always had very different configurations but if you buy current PC games as physical releases you’d expect CD/DVD/Blue-ray.

This doesn’t mean they won’t have floppies included. We will see how it will look like but judging from the previous Premium Editions there weren’t any particularly impressive physical goodies included at all aside from the cartridges (poster, coin, enamel pin…).

Btw. just a couple of weeks ago I’ve received a new game on floppy disk after decades! (TWP only includes a very small portion of the game on it so it doesn’t count):

Some random USB floppy drive is fairly cheap:

I could also just put together a decade-old computer with floppy drive support on the motherboard. The power supply is the only minor issue, 'cause I’m using that in my current build.

Oh yeah, I saw a YouTube video about some of the logistics involved with those floppy disks recently. Possibly when you linked to it. :wink:

Interesting video.


Not sure what you are trying to tell: That you (and I) are going to be the only sale for LimitedRunGames when they release it as floppy only? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I’ll just stick to Curse. :smiley:

Just remembered this thread. Over half a year later but still no Monkey Island… :frowning:

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According to Wikipedia, all they put out so far is a couple of Star Wars games:

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For the Sega CD? What was that you said about actually playing the game, @Nor_Treblig? :japanese_ogre:

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Is here somebody in the forum who still owns a Sega CD? :thinking:

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Interesting timing!

Hehe, yeah! Finally, some news. I guess I just should have been a little bit more patient.

Ooor you should have posted earlier!

If only I had known the powers that I apparently possess… hehe


Sega CD??
C’mon, what a bunch of *beeping beeps*!

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