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Lost my Autosave, please help


I recently lost my save game because of an abrupt power outage, deleting around 10 hours of game play. I really don’t have much time to play so I only do it like for an hour every weekend…

To make a long story short, I would really appreciate it if someone could send me a save game, it’s right after I unlocked all characters.

At this point any save games would be appreciated, really :frowning:

Playing hard mode in Windows 10 (Steam).


Hey Mojokid,

One word of caution: due to the non-linear nature of the game using another’s savegame might have solved puzzles you haven’t yet or made some decisions differently.

Did you check the save game folder? Even with a power outage there must be something in there (if so, it is pretty simple to copy that into another savegame slot). Perhaps a manually saved game? Or do you only rely on the autosave?

Autosave is prone to overwriting itself when you restart and such, because it autosaves whenever it wants. So the best is to use the other slots as “backup” points.


Also… read the whole thread that had a similar Steam/autosave gone issue we were able to recover.

Let us know if that worked!

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Thanks but I had already tried Recuva, renaming files, I even opened the autosave file and saw that it was corrupt (usually these binary files have a lot of stuff in them, but that one simply had NULs (zeros) and nothing else. My bet is that it was just about to autosave when the outage happened, meaning it is lost and gone forever.

I was also trying to figure out if maybe Steam had some cloud save thingy that could be recovered, unfortunately that does not seem to be the case (if you know otherwise please correct me)…

But honestly, don’t you guys have some saved games lying around on your saved games folder? Please just upload them somewhere and let me play from that point, that would really help me out.


Due to the non-linear nature of the game as Sushi mentioned this isn’t advisable:
Puzzles you haven’t even seen may be solved, you may have missed important dialog conversations etc. so it would be confusing to play the save game from another person unless you already know the game.

If you replay the game with your current knowledge, skipping dialog lines and cutscenes you should be able to reach your previous point in the game rather quickly!

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If you really want (Despite our warnings :wink:)… I will check later tonight and post a link

Thanks! Please do… despite the warning haha, worst case I miss out on a puzzle or two. No biggie

Still, my opinion is that you can get there quickly yourself. :slight_smile:
Note: speedruns of the whole game are possible below one hour!

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Not without preparation, so that still potentially means a lost half hour to an hour.

Yes, but it’s not 10 hours and it’s your game.

Eh, I didn’t say it’d bother me — much. Tbh that kinda happened to me (but only the first two hours, and due to reasons wholly outside of TWP’s purview) and for the most part I was happy to notice small details I’d overlooked or paid less attention to. Also I made some plain different choices to see the difference.


savegame 5 is 7 hours into the game, in Franklin’s flashback (this is probably the best to start from)
savegame 8 is 12 hours into the game, at ThimbleCon (farther than the point you were I guess)

This thread makes me think it could be a nice idea to make a savegame library wiki thread.


Did it work out for you @MojoKid?
I will take down that link by end of the month.

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