Lucas Film/Arts Retro TV spots

Here is a place to post old TV spots/news reels about Lucasfilm Games.

On my usual deep dive of youtube.

I came across these gems, the first of which includes short interviews with Brian Morearty, Hal Barwood and a young Ron Gilbert about Loom, Indiana Jones TLC and MI1 (and the Pirates of the Caribbean)

It also shows some shots of the artists using what looks like D-Paint designing backgrounds, it was a nice little video to come across.

On the same channel, this guy has a good few other interesting Lucas Arts videos, interviews and more TV spots, definitely interesting and worth taking a look!



This is Mike Stemmle before he changed his surname…

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The first video is amazing.
Well, exluding the Tarzan yell at the end.

Fantastic. thanks a lot.

Just one thing I think is strange… Ron Gilbert feels so unfamiliar here, both in image AND in voice. I can understand he’s changed in appearence, but it is unbelievable how his voice is different, today. Maybe it’s just the low quality of the audio…


It seems to be due to the low quality of the audio. When I strain off the disturbance in my imagination, he sounds as we know him from the more recent recordings but a bit younger.

… or maybe it’s just my imagination? :thinking:

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It´s his lesser known hessian cousin.

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Tomato Lettuce Cheese :yum:

Well if I listen closely I think it´s really mostly the low quality.

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I think it’s because he is young bright eyed and bushy tailed! Not half as much the grumpy gamer we all know and love him as now :delores:

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Yeah, I thought that´s what that meant?! Turns out they pulled an ABBA (and who wouldn´t pull an ABBA?)

That’s right. He was working on Sam und Max gehen auf die Straße at the time :wink: .

@someone how would you translate “Hit The Road”? Maybe “Auf Achse?”

… schlagen auf der Straße auf.

No, seriously. One of my dictionaries suggests “losfahren” or “sich auf den Weg machen”. I would agree with the latter one: “Sam und Max machen sich auf den Weg”.

/edit: btw: You know that my English knowledge is horrible? :slight_smile:

Yup, that´s why I prefer my suggestion. If I really * had * to translate it, it would probably be “Sam und Max auf Achse”. Sounds more exciting and dynamic.

Thanks. :wink:

But then they would be already “on the road” (they are driving already). With “hit the road” they are starting to be on the road.

Or would you just like to find a proper German title for the game (and not a translation)?

I guess so, because it sounds better than the literal translation.

It´s also “Die schrillen vier auf Achse” and not just “Urlaub”.

Also I´m trying to find out what the Sam and Max Freelance Police TV series was called in germany but funnily find no evidence that it ever was on here? But I remember watching it.

In that case I agree with you.