Mazovian Adventure - father&son project which turns intu adventure game


I would like to show You my game which was released yesterday on Steam.

Why my game is interesting ? Because it was created firstly as an father and son activity (main characters are the alter egos of my sons - I encourage to read the about the game section on Steam). I’m not a big game developer, but I’ve made everything to make Mazovian Adventure consistent graphically, good looking, funny and enjoyable. Game has full English dubbing (although only Polish language) with subtitles.

I have two sons Richard (almost 3 years old) and John (8 years old). The older one, John wanted to be a game hero. Moreover, after reading The Hobbit, he wanted to be FANTASY HERO :wink: So, as I’ve created some small games before (although not as paid applications), I’ve studied a little more Unity and some additional extensions&frameworks and started creating the game. It turns that it is a real fun.

And now You are thinking ‘oh no… this is probably some crappy/silly game made by mad father and his apprentice-son’
But wait! Look at the trailer showing the game it’s not crappy at all! although… it could be a little bit silly sometimes :wink: (Especially because the main quest is to buy potatoes on the local market - but hey! This is a comedy adventure game:) )

So here You have the link to the trailer/gameplay:

And here is the link to the Steam:

Game is not very expensive. In fact it cost exactly like the dinner portion at my country. So If You are curious, like adventures and some humor - play my game (as a bonus You will lose Your weight by not buying Your dinner today :wink: )

And some facts about the game:

  • full English translation
  • 3d colorful graphics
  • 4 different endings
  • about 2-2,5h long
  • some Steam achievements to achieve


Looks great! And what a great idea. :slight_smile:

Are you going to release the game on other platforms (Mac/Linux) too? And are you planning to sell it via other online stores, for example


Funny! When a father makes a game for their sons, it’s always a good father! :smiley:


That’s very cool. My daughters are a bit into videogames and I’d love to make a game with them. Maybe in a couple of years.

I’ll take a look at it, it looks like a good job :slight_smile: how long did it take for you to program it?

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