More ViewTron 3000 discs?

According to Ron on Twitter, the ViewTron 3000 is sold out. I would like to ask the same as one of Ron’s follower: Are there other/compatible discs available/around?

That was the only one we made.

But I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen such/similar discs and “viewers” in my childhood (in orange or red…). Maybe these discs are compatible with the ViewTron? Does anyone know the “official” name of these gadgets?

If you want I can measure if it’s the same size as this:


Great! Thank you!

Are these inches?

edit: The German Wikipedia article list the dimensions in cm. There is even a DIN standard. :slight_smile:

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That would have been quite large (the images are about the distance of your eyes apart).

I’ve measured the ViewTron3000 one and it is also nearly 90mm in diameter and looks the same. They should be perfectly compatible with other such devices.

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Most of these things I´ve seen in my life usually have motives like Neuschwanstein Castle and stuff.

I actually wouldn´t be surprised if they still were around. I´m from a place that is HEAVY on tourism and those things are usually found at tourist shops.

I haven’t seen them for quite a long time. I only remember that they were popular in the 70s/80s …

But they still exist, because you can still order them and/or make your own wheels. For example at the 3D World Shop or at Image 3D.

This seems to be the one used for ViewTron3000™.