Most boring game(s) ever

Two suggestions: The coming-up “Airplane Mode”:

And “Desert Bus”:


The description of your video says something that seems a bit disqualifying to me. :wink:

A playthrough of the game “Desert Bus” included in the unreleased 1995 Sega CD game by Absolute, Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors.

I can’t watch the Airplane Mode trailer btw.

Well, it is actually played by a comedy group who collects money for charity (“Desert Bus for Hope”):

So I would count it in. :wink:

Does it work on Steam?

So it does.

Are you sure it doesn’t feature snakes or aliens? :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy it after the release and play it - then you will know. :wink:

Which just ended a few days ago, so I hope you donated. :wink:

I honestly can’t believe something’s in the running to beat Desert Bus as most boring game.

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Well, we have these kind of games:

Some expansion packs for the Train Simulator were extremely boring too. AFAIR there was a high speed track mostly consisting of tunnels. You just had to wait for -hm- four hours until the next station. :laughing:

Simulators are its own kind of software. If you take them as games, you most likely would find them boring.
That said, the majority of so-called simulators are poorly coded and not worth the money indeed.

Some of the very few outstanding simulators I know are Omsi (drive MAN busses in Berlin’s 80’s) and Zusi (drive a huge variety of German trains in various places in various times). Yes, those have subpar graphics, but very accurate physics (no crashes though) and accurate sounds of the vehicles. They also don’t only simulate the vehicle you drive, but a complete network of vehicles, so all the signalling makes perfect sense.


What are Simulators in your opinion? For example why is Omsi a simulator and not Desert Bus? :wink:

No, not necessarily. For example in Flight Simulator or Train Simulator I have many things and tasks to do during my flight/ride. So even if I take them as games, I have some kind of a (not monotonous) challenge.

Well, the genres are somewhat fluid. Some simulators don’t take themselves serious and are indeed games. On the game side, most of them are business simulations usually have some form of a promotion feature, which are widely considered games as well. The others are pure simulators. The only mission you have in Omsi or Zusi is reaching the targets on schedule (and optionally take care of tickets in Omsi). Both evaluate how well you did.

For the German speaking, Gronkh has a Let’s Trash series, which feature some of the worst so called simulators: Let's Trashs – Gronkh-Wiki

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Back in 2012 I sent my CV to them, I was desperately trying to get a job in a gaming company and they were based in Zurich. They never answered. I like to think I dodged a bullet


Let’s start our own! I already have a name: Off-Topic


And what’s the title of our first game?

Must be one that has absolutely nothing to do with the content


You mean like Lara Croft saying “oh, I had to kill some men, it was horrible” while slaughtering them them by the hundreds?

And we would turn this into a game for children with fluffy dogs and cats? :thinking: