Most memorable Marvel character?

To expand beyond (ex-/post-)Lucas topics (but still sticking with Disney)… I just saw Guardians of Galaxy vol. 2, and got to think about most memorable Marvel characters (comics or movies). Who is your favorite, or one that stick to your mind?

GROOTbrush TREEpwood.

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Anyway, the only event in the US superhero comics universe that motivated me to purchase the actual comics was a DC saga (the death of Superman) but my favorite comics characters come from the Marvel universe and they are:

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Funny bit of trivia about the character of Bruce Banner. When they did the 1978 TV Show his name was changed to David Banner, according to Stan Lee because they considered “Bruce” to be a gay name.

Which is funny with people like Bruce Lee, Bruce Springsteen or Bruce Willis being icons of the heterosexual macho type nowadays (though at least two of them should have been familar to the TV Producers in the 70s already).

As for the favourite character other than most I think I really like Peter Parker because he´s so relatable. He´s an everyday kinda nerdy shy guy in real life and get´s to be the superhero once in a while. I absolutly cannot relate to Tony Stark, not in the least.

Are you referring to the comic book Tony Stark, to the movie Tony Stark or to both of them?

I´m talking about a macho millionaire who took an inheritance from his father and is in the possession of some of the most powerful weapons in the world. I mean, haha, who could ever identify with that…ohhhhhhh never mind…

edIt: and once again I´m not the first to notice this.

Sure, go ahead.

Thor is actually my favourite from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I really like his dry sense of humour and all of the Asgard stuff.

On Netflix though, Jessica Jones is just exceptional. I had no expectations but I greedily consumed that season. And quite the turn from David Tennant as a truly evil villain. Really liked how Marvel crossed over into HBO territory with the sex and violence for this series. It gives them more to do with the characters and puts them in a more relatable world.

I loved Captain America in The Winter Soldier too.

Stan Lee

Well I guess you could say he is the only one to appear in all the movies!

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