Movies with/about architects

There are movies about computers and computer scientists out there - like Matrix or the German movie 23. But are there also movies about architects and/or architecture?

Yesterday a good friend of mine said, that there doesn’t exist a movie where an architect or architecture plays the main part. So I would like to know if this is true and/or someone knows such a movie? Please note that we are not interested in documentaries about architecture and movies where a lot of buildings are just exploding. :wink:

I just remember one episode of Columbo where an architect is/was the murderer. Any other ideas?

Isn´t Asterix and Cleopatra about them helping the guy who is tasked with building the pyramids?

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Yes! I haven’t thought of animated movies. Thanks!

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IMDB has 117 movies with architect in the title. There must be one or two in there that fit the bill.

I mean, if you take Matrix or 23 as examples of films about computer science, any film where a random kid builds a sand castle will qualify :wink:.


How about Fitzcarraldo? There has to be an architect there somewhere if they want to build an opera house in the peruvian rainforest.

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I fear that there are a lot of documentary types of movies. But I’ll dig through your list. :slight_smile:

You could say “Inception” features an Architect, as Ellen Pages character plays a world architect when they are in the dream sequences.


But it is about building a building. :slight_smile: If that is the main plot I would consider it as architecture related. (But don’t know about my friend who is an architect. :wink: )


And there is of course an austrian TV movie about Albert Speer.


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I thought even something like Star Wars episode III was all about architecture. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dark City? Metropolis? Blade Runner? (I’m sensing a theme in my suggestions. Maybe Inception fits as well.)

And just a couple of years ago there was a movie called… The Architect?

Wasn’t there also some Hugh Grant flick where he played some annoying architect? And of course one of the main characters in It was an architect as well.

I could keep going for a while. The protagonist in The Loft was an architect iirc. (But perhaps only @Sushi knows that one.)

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I typed some words in a search engine and got this result with famous actors in movies I mostly haven’t seen or in the first case even heard of:

Lonely male architects star in The Lake House (Keanu Reeves), The Last Kiss (Zach Braff), Three To Tango (Matthew Perry) , Sleepless In Seattle (Tom Hanks) , My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Luke Wilson) , Love Actually (Liam Neeson), Just Like Heaven (Mark Ruffalo) , and It’s Complicated (Steve Martin)—apparently, architecture is a good cipher for “sensitive, but not girly.”

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If you’re interested in a documentary, I’ll suggest My architect by Nathaniel Kahn.The filmaker is the son of Louis Kahn, one of the greatest (and less prolific, there’s a strict connection between the two things) of the twentieth century. The film is about his father and his architecture. It’s a good movie.

While in the amphiteather of Pompeii with David and Annie, we talked about this specific passage, taken from one of his lessons:

About Louis Kahn:

No, only fiction. :slight_smile: But thanks for the hint, that looks very interesting. I’ll have a look!

Btw. the Matrix only exists because of the Architect… :wink:


I don’t remember the title but I’ve seen a German (I believe) movie once where the both protagonists where architecture students.
One died in an accident but that was because of some celestial mix-up. His friend is the one who was supposed to die. To not get in trouble the heavenly worker who made the mistake now sends the dead one back as a kind of ghost who has to convince his friend to take his own life so that they can swap places (because someone has to die, damn it).

Architecture was not central to the plot but used in a few scenes (the accident that killed the guy was on a building site, the other guys gets ripped apart by his supervisor for a design he presented)


That vaguely reminds me of Lola Rennt. It does a lot with its architectural representation of Berlin.

Btw, if you’re including TV series, the protagonist from How I Met Your Mother (Ted) is an architect.

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Ah, right. But his job doesn’t play a major role in the series AFAIR…?

Umm… I guess it’s possible it didn’t in the first season I guess? But did we watch the same show? lol

Now what Barney’s job is… who knows. :stuck_out_tongue: