My Thimbleweed Park LP

It finally arrived: my TWP soundtrack LP, now playing on my 1976 Bang & Olufsen Beomaster/Beogram 1600.

The blue vinyl is a nice touch, I have to say.


glad you chosen the proper side :joy:


I love it. I’m planning, after I’ll move, to have a record player again… I don’t have one since the late nineties. And this LP is on my list.

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It sounds really awesome on a good hi-fi system. The sound of the instruments is much deeper. I noticed more instruments and more layers to the music than when I was playing the game but I am not sure whether the game’s version of the soundtrack is slightly edulcorated or the speakers of my poor laptop are dwarfed by my Bang & Olufsen’s power.

I am a bit disappointed at the quality of the material though: the vinyl is peeling off on the edge! That’s not very good quality. I hope it will survive the test of time and not crumble in a few years.

I played the LP quite a few times already and I think the final track is the best. It is a very rich piece of music.

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It is starting to pixelate around edges? :scream:

That’s my favourite too! (You mean Ending right? Or really the last track on the LP (trailer variations bonus)?)


I mean the last on the LP, the trailer variation one.