Myst like "Lighthouse" is now on Gog

“Lighthouse” is a 3D render adventure (similar to Myst) made/released by Sierra in 1996. Gog has re-released the game:


Holy crap! I remember playing this (or a demo?) but being underwhelmed. Then I forgot about it for 20 years until now.

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Will you play it?

Not likely… I have tons of of other games to play. And the 3D looks pretty dated these days (that baby looks scary, even in '96), so that only leaves the puzzles, which I recall being uninspired, run-off-the-mill type, puzzles.
In my memory, at least, it ranks like Ripper

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Lighthouse is my favourite Myst-like adventure!

I liked how the introduction happened in a realistic world instead of being completely disconnected to our like in Myst/Riven.

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