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@PiecesOfKate I just proofread a journalist friend on twitter who seems to have had a stressful day. I usually don´t do this but he was fast to fix his typos. :laughing:


Haha, good work, apprentice!


:open_book: Uwe Boll follows me on twitter

That´s the whole story. Stay tuned for the possible follow ups.

:open_book: Uwe Boll wants me to star in a movie adaptation of Five Nights at Freddys (as a creepy teddybear)

:open_book: Uwe Boll challenges me to a boxing match

:open_book: Uwe Boll crashes on my couch


Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fahrnholzbear
Freddy Fahrnbear

It’s already pretty close!


:open_book: The best gift for your 40th birthday
Tonight I was at my father’s.
We were supposed to celebrate my birthday, with ten days’ delay. My father’s wife thought I had received the gift from my brother yet.
So she asked: “what about your gifts?”
And then: “Ti è piaciuto il regalo di tuo fratello? L’ucraína?”

It literally means: “did you like the gift from your brother, the ucranian lady?”

I was like :flushed: for a second, but then I regained my spirit. I answered: “wow, my bro sure knows my taste…”

I was a little disappointed when I discovered his gift was a bunch of books about uchronia


Happy belated birthday! :partying_face:


Welcome to the club :slight_smile:.

Never heard that expression before. So this is about alternate history? Or does it have another meaning? Which books did you get?


Is it about that crazy theory that Charlemagne never existed?



Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle


Well, two classics! You can always get female ukranian companionship any other time. I hear it is real easy, just pick up some flowers…


Last time I picked up flowers I didn’t get a lady, but I summoned a ghost.


So yesterday I saw a vehicle on fire for the first time:

(I always park my bike right on the other side of the street there.)


In the article pics it looks like they’re shooting snow at it. I would have liked to watch that happen!


I didn’t see that part; only the water preceding it. :slight_smile:


:open_book: It’s actually not that uncommon. Many years ago, I’d been to Würzburg with my mom, leaving her car at a park and ride spot. When we returned, we could see a big column of smoke rising as soon as we left the tram, from the direction of the parking lot. Being a bit worried, we hurry back to find the scene as follows:

A fire truck is parked at the entrance to the parking lot, however, the entrance is blocked by concrete slabs that only allow cars to pass. A Mercedes Benz is aflame too far away from the entrance for the fire fighters to reach (but only a couple parking spots from our car). Police is parked right behind our car, using it as shielding from the fire, it seems. Since we both seen too many exploding cars (in movies), we’re too afraid to drive off, instead wait for the fire to extinguish on its own. The burning car belonged to the parents of a young couple and was basically brand new. They’d noticed the smell of burning and left the Autobahn, and they were pretty devastated.

When the fire had subsided without anything exploding, we were lucky enough to find our car undamaged and went our way.

Incidentally, when visiting my parents, the route takes me through Würzburg, and one time last year on the way home there was a traffic jam because a bus was burning. Guess that place has some bad karma.


I have seen one or two burned out wrecks before, but I’m kind of glad it’s uncommon enough that I’d never seen it. :slight_smile:



As I was driving to work the other day, I spotted a car behind me that looked exactly like Mr Bean’s car - lime green with a black bonnet. But that wasn’t the only interesting thing about the car. There was an armchair attached to the top of it. AN ARMCHAIR.

And now I’ve just found this video :crazy_face:


Was the driver driving the car while sitting in the armchair? :smiley:

Yeah! A classic! :smiley:


No, they were in the driver’s seat.