Rant/appreciation thread about the latest TWP update

I anticipate the whole thing to go down like this:

or this:

So I fully expect the trial to include a “bad court thingy” and the verdict to turn to to be “Not Gilcup”

You drag me into my field… off-topics! :wink:

Exactly. I don’t like that tagline because of the message it implies: “Normal is better. You have to be normal, you have to conform. We proudly conform and who listens to our radio is proud to conform”.
I’m not expecting an entertainment radio to convey sneak political messages.

In italian: "da vicino nessuno è normale"
It used to be a tagline of Radio Popolare. It’s a much better tagline in my opinion, since the message is far opposite.
It actually is a famous quote from Franco Basaglia (the Wikipedia link is in english and very detailed), italian psychiatrist and promoter of the reform that dismantled mental asylums.
This tagline conveys a message of tolerance, introspection and autocriticism that goes far beyond the political message. Anyway Radio Popolare is a political Radio, so no problem.


I listen to Radio Deejay: “one nation, one station, one love.” :joy:

I’m quite accustomed with this kind of syntax and I always recognize this kind of phone numbers if they are preceded by “555” or other similar numerical digits.

I didn’t immediately understood that “H.I.N.T.” was a reference to a phone number, though, for two reasons: 1) it doesn’t have any numerical digits before the alphabetic letters and 2) because the full stops make it seem an acronym.

I would have immediately understood 555-HINT but I had an hard time to understand “H.I.N.T.” or “H.I.N.T. (4468)”

Yeah, I understand that. I probably also would have registered it differently that way.

I also don´t think using word only phone numbers is even a thing. Technically you can translate every number to words but they wouldn´t always make sense like that “Married…With Children” snippet showed.

But just to visualise here are some ways to reach “Edna”


Not one good word there so it doesn´t really always work the other way around.

I agree about the way it was incorporated into the game, it feels very natural, while other games have included a hint system in ways that are extraneous to the story and to the environments.

As for Ron’s reluctance, well… times change and different audiences need to be handled in different ways. I think that he considered this hint system to be an acceptable alternative to sending players to search engines and online forums. :slight_smile:

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This should be Doug’s phone number… hehe

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Most of the people in this thread have said that they think that the new hint system is a good idea and that the positive effects outweigh the negative ones.

Still, most of the people in this thread have already finished the game before the hint system was added and we cannot be 100% sure how we would have behaved if we could have used the hint system in our first playthrough.

I think that it’s interesting to have a look at how other people have reacted to the introduction of the hint system. Here is a thread on the Steam forums: Hint line ruined the game for me.

Some of those sound to me like rants from obsessive people with nothing else to complaint about. I am willing to bet that most users won’t have a problem with the hint system being:

  • useful
  • accessible
  • progressive and mostly spoiler-free
  • part of the game-world and story

You know, everything that some say walk-throughs are not and the reason they avoid them.

In fact, I will submit that most reasonable players would not blame the game for their own attempts to exploit it (as one commenter said in that thread) – just like most people don’t blame walk-throughs or the Internet for ruining their experiences.


I appreciate the updates. But I also think the developers should let go of it soon and just leave it as it is. Not like George Lucas fiddling with star wars… wait… maybe this habbit is contagious…

Anyway I still have one suggestion which has to be done: the configuration file (inside jokes/help system so on) needs to be properly documented. Like if a friend buys the game on gog, how would he know that these options exist? So maybe a options.readme file for download as well, or also mention the thing during the installer. Otherwise this is the hardest puzzle. Or create a config menu.

Looking forward to the next game in 2 years. (Praying… praying… praying…).

We just finished the layout for the physical manual in the box, and we added most of them. Real adventure gamers have the physical box. :slight_smile:


Amen! :thumbsup:

(Well, not yet… but soon, right?)

That´s the one thing I look forward to the second most! :slight_smile:

When the box will be ready, would you consider to do (and maybe promote on social networks) a give-away contest for registered forum users as you already did in the past for Twitter users? :slight_smile:

Might be a good way to celebrate the release of the physical box and to let new people know the forums.


Not a bad idea. I’d do it as a surprise, so people who are forum regulars have a chance to win, not a bunch of people that sign up just to win a box.


That’s nice! :slight_smile: I wouldn’t underestimate The Wild Bunch: even if they sign up for the box, a few of them might get hooked and stay for the fun or follow the forums by mail.

  • tenterhooks *
  • edge of my seat *
  • ants in my pants *
  • various other idioms of anticipation *

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I´m excited!

Should I win I promise to make a photo (of the box/me holding the box/the box in my hand or whatever), which is something I normally would never do. So I hope, I´ll win and also that I won´t.:upside_down:

Sorry to bump an old thread. I am playing through the game for the second time (I’m in act seven), but it is my first time since the first weeks of the game’s release. So all of the updates mentioned here are new to me.

I wanted to say how well integrated the lead characters talking to each other is. This was never something that bothered me, as the omniscient nature of playing the game means that characters must somehow share information and I always imagine it is in some offscreen fashion. However, now that I see the characters chatting with each other, I love it. At some point in every part I get all four lead characters together and I go through all the different combinations. It is something I look forward to with each part and genuinely adds to the characters, such as reinforcing everyone’s feeling about Willy’s guilt or innocence or Ransome’s frustration with losing the lookalike contest. Very happy you got the team back to record these dialogues!

The hint system is great. I’ve had to use it about four times after scouring town for a couple hours, and in all cases they were things that I was never going to figure out (yes I played the game 3 years ago but my memory is shot).

In the arcade I only really enjoy one of the games, but I wasn’t too concerned with the arcade anyway. I don’t play many video games and when I do I’m more into adventure game-style stuff, and that wasn’t going to be in an arcade.

I’m now entering the factory and I am very happy to se that some hotspots have been added. I didn’t create a lot of threads on this board way-back-when, but I did create one about that issue, so was very happy to see the updates.

Thank you for the Delores mini-game, as I thought it was so much fun that I was itching to jump back into the game again for more.


Yes, they more or less addressed every single “issue” which surfaced after release!

You should play Day of the Tentacle. It has the best in-game game :slight_smile:

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