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Request Thimblecon Artwork

Greetings fan-friends,
unfortunately I missed the chance to get a Thimblecon Shirt and Poster.
I’d reallly like to let them print just for myself since they’re out of stock.
Can anyone provide me high resolution graphics of the Thimblecon Poster and
the Shirt Designs?
Happy new year everyone!

Please delete if unsuitable because of copyright. Don’t wanna end in trouble! If anyone needs, I can provide a recasted AI vector image (NOT original one of course)

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Hello skybrush,

I’ve hidden the thread for now. I know the poster is currently marked as Sold Out on the Fangamer store, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t become available again in the future. I think it’s probably better to refrain from posting this until the status of the item is clear.

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