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Seguso's Adventure Game Thread

I like it better than Roberto, as it is too similar to Robert.

Pietrangelo sounds like a ninja turtle knock-off :stuck_out_tongue:

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interesting… I liked Roberto exactly because it is similar to Robert, and therefore it is surely known to English speakers, while still sounding Italian or Spanish to them…

But there might be people who don’t know that it’s an actual name (even if Benigni should be quite well-known) and mentally parse “Roberto” as “English name made Italian-sounding by adding an O at the end”.

Kinda like Briano or Donaldo, Johnno, Ralpho.

OMG, these are actually quite good suggestions! Accidentally :slight_smile:

Now I want to find a longer English name, and add an “O” at the end…

Donaldo O’Connor is really amazing :rofl:

Gabrielo O’Connor

Annabello O’Connor

Valentino O’Connor

Danielo O’COnnor

Nathanielo O’Connor

Manuelo O’Connor

Pierantonio O’Connor

Gwendolino O’Connor

Odoardo O’Connoro


BTW, Odoardo is a real name. Less common than Edoardo, but… 7 O’s in a name are quite a thing.

Yes, it’s impressive :smile:

Another one!


Work in progress… I still have to draw the horses and the contestants (and Mike Stallone) in it…

as for the pirate name… right now I’m considering “Mazzamauro O’Connor” :thinking:


I thought the original suggestions were just fine. Genarro O’Connor or something, or was that Giuseppe. :wink:

Yeah, I’ll probably settle on one of those :slightly_smiling_face: thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I finally got the right expression for Mike Stallone :slight_smile:


The final scene:


Can you guys help me find a silly English altered name for Leonardo Da Vinci? In the Italian version, it’s “Leonardo Da Foggia”.

“da” means “from” in Italian. …

So what preposition is better? Is it better to name him “Leonardo Of (Somewhere)”…

Or “Leonardo From (somewhere)”?

And what can I pick for the “somewhere”? Some place that sounds silly? Like: “Leonardo From Bristol”… or maybe I can actually name him “Leonardo From Somewhere”? How does it sound?

Leonardo from Winners?


Nice :grin: But I think it wouldn’t be understood by English speakers :sweat_smile:


Leonard(o) of Bristol is fine.

That sounds like “wasn’t Leonardo that guy from The Big Bang Theory?”

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Thanks, so I’ll consider this :slightly_smiling_face: if I don’t find a funnier city name… maybe more ancient sounding …

You wouldn’t recommend it then? To actually call him “Leonardo Of Somewhere”?

possible variations: Leonardo Of Something , Leonardo Of Someplace, Leonardo Of Thatplace

I’d make it a touch less in your face, like “Leonardo of Thule” or perhaps more obviously “Leonardo of Yon” or “Leonardo of Yonder” if you really want to be obvious about it.

Unless the Donald Duck-type “Leonardo of Farawayistan” is what you’re going for. Then “Leonardo of Someplace” is fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

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