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Seguso's Adventure Game Thread

New location: the library!

(@Frenzie sticking a book with glasses there is not going to be easy as I thought :sweat_smile:)


I am sure that the real Frank Stallone is fine with that

Yes, most Italian names are not that common for English/non-Italian speakers.
I would suggest a long pompous French name: Jean-Michel Jacques-Phillipe Etienne-François Louis René O’Connor.

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Or… take one name from every historical sea-faring European country. Because his parents wanted to raise their son as a EU citizen.
Or… one name from every global sea-faring country. Throw in some Polynesian names!


That’s the same logic my daughter used, but she’s 4.

I said to her “well then, Giovanni is plural, isn’t it?”

And then I explained that Andrea means “man” :stuck_out_tongue: so it MUST be a male name.


Or a male woman.

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Frankenstein’s room!

This was one of the hard ones… :slightly_smiling_face:

I think only two hard locations remain… and they are both bathrooms :sweat_smile:


as for the pirate’s name… I’m currently leaning towards “Roberto Maria O’Connor” :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anyway, I still have to do the character design for Roberto Maria O’Connor… or whatever he is called… and he can’t be too similar to Le Chuck :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

or to Haggis McMutton…
who for the record is the scottish pirate of Curse, and is dubbed in italian with a (fake) campanian accent! (I wonder if you got inspired by this melange.)


How about “Pietrangelo O’Connor”…?


I like it better than Roberto, as it is too similar to Robert.

Pietrangelo sounds like a ninja turtle knock-off :stuck_out_tongue:

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interesting… I liked Roberto exactly because it is similar to Robert, and therefore it is surely known to English speakers, while still sounding Italian or Spanish to them…

But there might be people who don’t know that it’s an actual name (even if Benigni should be quite well-known) and mentally parse “Roberto” as “English name made Italian-sounding by adding an O at the end”.

Kinda like Briano or Donaldo, Johnno, Ralpho.

OMG, these are actually quite good suggestions! Accidentally :slight_smile:

Now I want to find a longer English name, and add an “O” at the end…

Donaldo O’Connor is really amazing :rofl:

Gabrielo O’Connor

Annabello O’Connor

Valentino O’Connor

Danielo O’COnnor

Nathanielo O’Connor

Manuelo O’Connor

Pierantonio O’Connor

Gwendolino O’Connor

Odoardo O’Connoro


BTW, Odoardo is a real name. Less common than Edoardo, but… 7 O’s in a name are quite a thing.

Yes, it’s impressive :smile:

Another one!

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