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Seguso's Adventure Game Thread

Do you guys think the game should have music (apart from a main theme in the main titles)? The game has become more humour-intensive with time… it’s become very similar to Family Guy. And these shows have NO music during dialogs… and I think there’s a reason for that. Or imagine reading a funny comic book, with music in the background. It would break the humor…

You’re right, I think music can distract from humour. It could be good for moments of triumph or tension/danger though.

Will there be any ambient sound effects, like birds chirping in the forest and crackling fires inside buildings? (These could also act as subtle clues to what you should focus on.)

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I’m relieved that you agree in general…
I will have music in moments of tension/danger which have no humour, but there are few. BUt most moments of tension are humorous: when Dracula runs after you swearing; when Frankenstein runs after you swearing; when the Dragon runs after you insulting you… damit, in this game basically everything is either a puzzle or a joke… there is a moment when the wizard is about to turn you into a pig and is charging the spell. But even during that, I have jokes like “his hands are turning blue, Olivia. I wonder what that means!” or “Wait a second, you rascals! I’m charging the spell! Don’t go away!”

Anyway, this means I can spend more money on a good theme… I dream of something like the Monkey Island main theme… :heart_eyes:

And of course there will be sound effects like the ones you mention :slightly_smiling_face:

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Or both? :crazy_face:


This doesn’t look like a bear trap, but I realized I have no idea how a bear trap looks like… (if there is such a thing…) so this will have to do…


Another one done…


I like this one :slight_smile:


Your drawings are rich of details. You are a talented artist, I think! I like that style.
Do you do this with Photoshop and a drawing display, or what are your tools?

Thanks man :slight_smile: I am mostly repainting pictures, so it’s more patience than talent :slight_smile: Anyway, I’m using Photoshop and a tablet with a screen: XP pen artist 12. It’s very cheap and works perfectly. As for Photoshop, it is essential to use the “smoothing” feature (introduced with Photoshop 2017), otherwise your lines will suck.

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Krita is very good btw.

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Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:
Even if your images are repainted, it still makes a difference how you draw a line, as you intend a distinct style. The coloration might not be an easy task as well, especially when it comes to lighting. Therefore you did a good job.

I myself have owned a tablet - without a display - for many years.
During my childhood, I always had enjoyed to draw on paper. It’s a nice, creative and relaxing leisure activity in general.
To draw digitally has many additional advantages, of course. But my drawing attempts with that device were quite unsatisfying. It was easier to draw on paper. So I rarely used it over all those years.
Well, I guess I shall try such a tablet with a screen, too, as it’s way more similar to non-digital drawing or painting.

It’s because of the lack of the smoothing function. Trust me. It’s a life changer. It’s like a brush that bends, smoothing out your line.

there’s not much difference between screen and screenless. The big difference is given by the smoothing. Try again with photoshop 2017 or above… :slight_smile:

set it up like this:

PS: You need to constantly change the smoothing percentage when drawing. (or make custom brushes to switch more easily between various levels)

PPS: also gimp has a smoothing function, but it’s not well designed… I think also Krita has one.


Or a painting app like Painter or Krita (mentioned by @Frenzie already).

Thank you for these tips!

The last time, I used Gimp. So, I’m going to install the trial version of Photoshop in the next days and try it out. Maybe at the next weekend, when I have more time, as the trial version works for only 7 days. :slight_smile:
It might be interesting to compare the differences between the professional edition of PS and PS Elements, though.
I think, I will try Painter and Krita as well.


Gimp is pretty good and quite mature, but Krita’s definitely the app to use for freehand digital drawing and painting. I’m not sure whether it actually offers more in a technical sense, but it offers a much wider breadth of digital painting features without the GUI getting in your way, fully optimized for digital pen use.

I had PS Elements at work; on the whole I don’t think it really offers much of anything over Gimp or Paint.NET or something. Admittedly I only used it for relatively basic image editing, not for digital painting. It may well be better than Gimp or Paint.NET for that, but I rather doubt it compared to Krita.

Anyway, Krita’s free. All it’ll cost you is a half hour. :wink:

Edit: btw, here’s one I haven’t tried but it looks potentially interesting for sketches


I’m quite used to both, but if I have to create from scratch, pen(cil) and paper is way better. The tablet is fine for copying and making adjustments, coloring, modifications in general.


Tactile feel is missing on a tablet, and that lack is problematic for coloring too. But you’ve got layers, you never run out of material, and you have Ctrl+Z. Could be worse. :slight_smile:


One more!



one more green box in the map!


When we’ll see them chopping the wood? :rofl:

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