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Seguso's Adventure Game Thread

There is one… Mount Doom top. Apart from that one, some locations are not yet designed, and involve a dragon… Some cutscenes with the dragon are very cinematic. It remains to be seen if I’m capable of doing them…

(the dragon is a very funny character. The real protagonist of the game IMHO.)

I like the different angle on those useless stairs

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in theory I should draw Dracula from that angle, both in the relaxed mood and in the “chasing the girls” mood… that is a work. That’s the problem with different angles… I’ll see if it’s worth it. in this case it is avoidable by closing that room before a certain time…

I’m doing the useless locations in part 1 before I switch to part 2… I fear part 2 very much. The Dragon locations are going to be hard…

writing and designing puzzles is fun… doing the art is sweat and tears :sleepy:


But it is worth the work! :smiley: Your art is looking great! So don’t give up. :+1:

Thanks man. At this point it would be foolish to give up :slight_smile: I’ll complete it, unless Corona kills me first :slight_smile:


Edit: let me remove this otherwise it will stay here forever…


So the question is: does the mother make her chop wood?

all the time… she also feeds her food dropped on the floor :slight_smile:

more useless stairs… :slight_smile:


Ok now I’m going to do all locations from this point of view , until you beg to stop :slight_smile:

Me? Never! :yum:

Nice. Now I’m only a bit concerned about the possible structural inconsistency of all those spaces!

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Another useless staircase :slight_smile:


Looks familiar. :wink:

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I thought it was smaller. :smiley:


I can hear Dracula shouting “DIGGING” from here.

In Italian, with your voice.

  1. you won’t see new art for a few days, because I am importing all the assets in the game (and doing retouches as I go, if they are quick enough). It’s nice to be able to play with graphics. It works well, no bad suprises:

Then, after importing all the art, I’m finalizing the dialogs for part1, so part 1 will be fully playable and testable.

  1. I’ve decided I’ll make a text-only version of the game (without the backgrounds but only the portraits during dialogs) and submit it to the ifcomp 2020.

I finalized this location… it took a day. :disappointed_relieved:

And now I present to you the trollops:


(But I think I’ll change the face of the one in the middle… not funny as the other two…)

I’ve reverted to this beach because the other one was too tropical… maybe I’ll recycle the other one somewhere…

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