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Seguso's Adventure Game Thread


Might as well try the placeholder art version since I dont want to wait decades :hourglass_flowing_sand: :new_moon_with_face:


wise choice :slight_smile:
I’ll write to you privately when ready, most likely 10 hours.


I hope this gives you some inspiration:




I should probably change the character name to something else…

Mike, for example.


For who’s interested, I’ve put the game back online for Matt to test it. It is much more polished than the previous version. More dialogs and jokes are present, some puzzles have been remodeled, more failure combinations are handled, and the UI is much more practical to use. (you can combine two objects, in which case you are not asked for an objective; Also, if you use an object which you have in the inventory, the map does not pop up; and so on)

The graphics is still the old one though, and part 2 is still missing.

This could be of interest to @ZakPhoenixMcKracken especially, who didn’t play Dracula’s castle (or did he?). Also to @guga, @Someone and @milanfahrnholz, who played just a few minutes. (But it might also make sense to wait for the final graphics :))

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I could enter the castle and go into a few rooms.


Ok, then you missed a big part, 1/3 of the game :grin:

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Another location… can I ship without the legs of the guard?:thinking:


I love the contrast between the realistic style of the guard, especially the face, and Olivia.

And guards don’t need legs, or they’d be called runs. They just need eyes.

That makes sense only in Italian, I don’t care.

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I am considering to make the guard in flip-flops :slight_smile:

What holds me back is that I don’t want the game to be completely demented.

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What about a Wood Chopper Mode, where all the puzzles are changed to involve chopping wood (so to speak)? Making a wooden flute, sharpening a pencil, crafting wooden beams to build a house…



You scare me Tassee. I am afraid this wood chopping thing has marked you for life, more than it was supposed to . :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I am still writing filler dialogs, ranging from the simple: “Thank you dear, but remember this wood isn’t going to chop itself” to more complex: here is a scene you didn’t yet play, when Olivia travels to the nearby town and enters the tavern:

CAMILLA: Olivia, what are you doing? Entering a pub?
OLIVIA: Why not?
CAMILLA: There could be scoundrels here!
OLIVIA: Come on, Camilla! It’s not the end of the world if we meet a scoundr… DAD!
DAD: Hi, Olivia, what a surprise! Care to drink some beer?
OLIVIA: Dad! What are you doing here?
DAD: Of course I am savoring the special beer of my friend Don here, our host.
OLIVIA: But how did you get here? The pass was closed for the landslide!
DAD: I came here swimming, of course.
OLIVIA: You swam across the sea just to avoid staying one night without drinking? Wasn’t it dangerous?
DAD: You see, darling, the alternative was to get back to your mom.
OLIVIA: Dad! Come back home and chop the wood, please!
DAD: Of course, dear, I’ll come. As soon as I get rid of this valgus toe!
OLIVIA: I already heard this excuse! You are not coming, are you?
DAD: Olivia, you are all grown up now. It’s time for you to be made aware.
OLIVIA: Aware of what?
DAD: There’s an ancient tradition in our family. Every girl, when she reaches the age of six, must chop the wood by herself. That’s what my grandmother did, and her grandmother before her…
OLIVIA: Dad! I think there’s no truth to this!
DAD: … and her grandmother’s grandmother. And her grandmother before her…
OLIVIA: It’s not true! Stop it, dad!
DAD: I’ve got nothing else to teach you, Olivia. Go, and chop that wood. You have my blessing!
HOST: Mister, are these two little girls pestering you?
DAD: Yes, Don, throw these ragbags out in the streets.
DAD: I was kidding, Don. This is my daughter, and this one here… erm… must be a friend of hers dressed in a costume.
CAMILLA: I am Princess Camilla!
DAD: Of course you are, you little crackpot. Of course you are.


Is “Marx” your surname?

Seriously, you are a comedy genius.


You like it? Good to know! I have no clue if something’s funny when I write. I suppose I’ll keep on doing it :slight_smile:


Well, I do have a strange sense of humor, but yes, I really like yours :smiley: it really reminds me of the Marx Brothers.

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I need to watch them! I only did for a few minutes! Duck soup, if I recall.


I binge watched them all between 10 and 15 years ago so I can’t remember which is which and which one was my favorite :stuck_out_tongue: I watched them in Italian, though, so it couldn’t be 100% faithful to the authors’ intentions, but still pretty fun.

I’ll surely watch them again in English… someday. It’s on my nearly infinite to-do list.


Do they all speak italian except Chico?

Do yourself a favour and do that sooner than later. It´s a difference between good and genius. I liked them when I knew them in german, but I only learned to appreciate how funny they truly are when I heard the original.


another work in progress…