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Seguso's Adventure Game Thread

Ok guys, who wants to try the brand new adventure by seguso, inspired to Zak, but without the goddamn mazes and dead ends, and, most importantly, with the innovative “SEGUSUM” interface?

The beta is only open to members of this group with which I talked at least once :slight_smile:

Please don’t rush too much. I can understand you are too excited but keep a little bit of decorum :slight_smile:


Like Zak, but with no dead ends? Count me in!!! :grin:


Thank you pal, so you want to be a guinea pi… a satisfied player. I’ll send you the link in private. some notes:

The game runs in the browser and is optimized for smartphone. (on desktop, shrink the browser window a bit)

The graphics is temporary but quite close to the final.

What I need from you are suggestions like:

  1. “this puzzle is too difficult”

  2. “I tried this combination which made sense but the game did not recognize it; please handle it”

  3. suggestions to fix my English. “this sentence would sound more natural in English this way”. Something will sound a bit off, because I’m not mother tongue :slight_smile:

Also suggestions about jokes to add are very welcome. :slight_smile:


My Burns is Earring!

I mean my ears are burning!

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Man, I secretly dream to add jokes written by you to my game. Would you like to play it and see if you get inspired? :slight_smile:


Sure I´m intrigued anyway! :slight_smile:

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Link sent in private! Let’s see which one of you will be the first to defeat Dracula, or at least defeat Frank Stallone (my RPG character when I used to play Cthulhu).


You don´t seem to have decided if the girl can read (witch´s house) or not (village street).

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Oh no! I need to start all over! :slight_smile:

I deduce you haven’t found a friend (who can read). Is the first puzzle too difficult? :frowning:

I keep looking for people but can´t find any. :frowning:

Focus on the other objective… The rose.

The one I can´t get because that guard can´t be reasoned with in any way? :frowning:

You might have missed a clue in the square. :slight_smile: ask the fairy where to go… Until you find the friend, the game does not start.

I don´t want to get insulted all the time. :frowning:

Then reread the past scenes:)

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link sent in private! I’ve sent you a revised version after valuable feedback from @tasse-tee. Btw, she said the dialogs are very entertaining! :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, @milanfahrnholz seems to be stuck with dishonor, for missing a clue, and at the same time refusing to be insulted by the hint system.

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ggeegepowggew33wgp3pwhg gpeipojgaw ge

sorry, bit hard to type with my guts spilling out of my belly!

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Now I am left wondering why are your guts spilling out of your belly. My best guess is… too much to drink?

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