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Telltale in Trouble

I would say the name “Telltale Games” will be back. Maybe.

Would be great if they’d bring back Sam and Max and fix the long standing bugs. Especially the invisible Sybil in Season 1, Episode 1. That’s a real annoyance, pretty much forcing new player to search for a solution potentially finding lots of spoilers.

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I recently played the game for the very first time. I had to do some searching to get it running at all and change resolutions (the TTresolution patcher works great) but in game I never encountered any bugs. Nor any inviSybil.

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The DVD version? Or where did you get it? Sounds like an old version, which has in fact issues in recent Windows versions. They updated the game to their later engine version and apparently broke a few things while doing so. If you can see the animated loading screen, it is the new version.

On the pro side, they fixed the widescreen issues in preparation for the console releases, yet they didn’t add widescreen resolutions to the ingame menu for same reason, so you still need that tool for that. The old version has quite a few glitches when played in widescreen, but no gamebreaking issues.

Luckily, their old games run just fine with WINE. Unfortunately, that resolution tool doesn’t. In my experience, WINE has better compatibility to Windows XP than Windows 10 nowadays. And if you really want to, it can run 16 bit Windows executables on a 64 bit system, unlike Windows.


On Steam. No animated loading screen.
I could also run the widescreen without issues but I reverted back as the fade-out only applied to the non-widescreen part of the game. Guess it was too hard to make a wide-screen black overlay or something :grin:

I’ve read about the issues present on all platforms. It seems, Steam reverted back to an older version, then. And yes, the fade not covering the entire screen is one of those widescreen issues they fixed in the later broken version.
For best quality, create a 4:3 resolution with the full native height of your display in your graphics driver. For instance, if you have a 1920x1080 display, try creating a 1440x1080 resolution and set that with TTres.

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Let’s see…

…evolving Telltale’s episodic model

“I like the idea of binge watching”

Yeah, It means making a complete game and then let the customers play the whole thing.
Sounds like a future for episodic gaming I’d prefer most :slight_smile:


I’ve checked my GOG versions: The oldest installer I have contains one from 2009 and already has the animated logo.
Interestingly the current version on GOG seems to have replaced Episode 105 - Reality 2.0 with an even older version from 2008 (also with animated logo).

The old engine has a lot of vox files and saves prefs.prop in the game folder. The newer engine only uses a few ttarch files instead and saves prefs.prop elsewhere.
The latter difference is important when using ttres.exe.

Just checked their updated homepage:
Not only the majority of games are gone. The forum is gone too, it seems. :cry:

EDIT: The Forum is still there, but the link is quite hidden:
It is mentioned all the way down in the news entry “We’re back, but there are changes…”

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And the ‘reset password’ link is also working again, this time I got a reply email and now I was able to download all the executables from all my purchased games. 11 Gb in total. Now lets see if there is some hidden DRM in there.

Does this include all the games they don’t sell anymore?

It is supposed to be patched out of the discontinued games. A rare case a company going out of business did keep their promise to do this.
Also, I wonder if the activation servers are still running, in case you still play an older version.

In cased you missed them, I just noticed, all the Sam & Max episodes are still available on Steam:
I thought, they were all withdrawn with the demise of Telltale. Apparently not all of them. They are gone from the GOG store, though.


Perhaps they were restored by new IP owners? I have 'em on GOG. :slight_smile:

Oddly enough, they are not mentioned on the Telltale homepage either. Who else could that be then?

I have them on genuine Telltale DVDs. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are several other Telltale games on Steam that aren’t mentioned on their website too. For example “Texas Hold’em” and “Strong Bad’s”.

Same with “The Walking Dead”, but in that particular case the publisher is “Skybound Games”.

I didn’t mean to exclude new Telltale as a “new IP owner.” Just leaving open the possibility that it’s another entity.

Btw, apparently they took most of the color out of Batman and called it a revamped game… O_o

Daedalic is (maybe) in financial troubles too:

Daedalic won’t close its doors but the finanicals don’t look good. The studio is currently working on a “The Lord of the Rings: Gollum” game.

Not liking your post, because it’s sad news.

I hope they’d rather return to their roots than close up shop. Though as Telltale showed, perpetually doing the same kind of games doesn’t really guarantee success either.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t :frowning:

At least there are no sad news from Terrible Toybox… Even though, there are no news from them at all. :slight_smile:

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