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Telltale in Trouble

Perhaps they were restored by new IP owners? I have 'em on GOG. :slight_smile:

Oddly enough, they are not mentioned on the Telltale homepage either. Who else could that be then?

I have them on genuine Telltale DVDs. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are several other Telltale games on Steam that aren’t mentioned on their website too. For example “Texas Hold’em” and “Strong Bad’s”.

Same with “The Walking Dead”, but in that particular case the publisher is “Skybound Games”.

I didn’t mean to exclude new Telltale as a “new IP owner.” Just leaving open the possibility that it’s another entity.

Btw, apparently they took most of the color out of Batman and called it a revamped game… O_o

Daedalic is (maybe) in financial troubles too:

Daedalic won’t close its doors but the finanicals don’t look good. The studio is currently working on a “The Lord of the Rings: Gollum” game.

Not liking your post, because it’s sad news.

I hope they’d rather return to their roots than close up shop. Though as Telltale showed, perpetually doing the same kind of games doesn’t really guarantee success either.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t :frowning:

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At least there are no sad news from Terrible Toybox… Even though, there are no news from them at all. :slight_smile:


After having fulfilled the second part of their name, they’re focusing on the first part now.


Btw., Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space (2nd season) has been recently published in the Apple App Store under the name Skunkape Games LLC, a company by Dan Connors.


Hopefully, they will also release the other seasons and on all platforms. And they should finally do a propper update for the 1st season, ie. fixing those nasty bugs and add a widescreen option.

The chances may be low but maybe they also find uncompressed recordings…

Indeed. Their early games suffer quite a bit from the excessively low bitrate encodings.
If they fix the bugs, remaster the audio, officially support 16:9 resolutions for season 1, port it to Linux and release it multi-lingual and DRM free, I’d happily buy season 1 and 2 again.
Or a complete collector’s edition with all seasons, soundtracks and videos included. A sturdy cardboard box in the devil’s toybox design (similar to the treasure chest they did for Tales of Monkey Island) would be fitting, I guess.


They’re partially back on GOG. Unfortunately for them I have little interest in spending another €30 or so on Batman just for a black & white filter.

[Edit: oh wait, I guess it’d actually be €3/game as a DLC? Kinda GOG’s fault for how they present it if so. Still not convinced but that’s a lot more reasonable anyway.]

So anyway, Wolf Among Us is great; the Batman games are decent enough. Haven’t played Puzzle Agent yet.


The The Walking Dead [games] are also back. Skybound Games released them on GOG now too! (Currently on sale for -25%)

The final season is somewhat tempting…

It’s the only one I am missing too, but I still haven’t completed all of the previous ones. But I’m glad I will be able the get this one for completion.

Still, it’s not the The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, I hope this will come too.

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@LogicDeLuxe Yeah, they should do that. These games need to be updated, because I don’t know if I can play them on Windows 10.

Also, I think they’d earn a lot of fans if they included an option to have the original voices of Sam and Max, Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson. It really gutted me that all their hard work they did on the Sam and Max sequel went to waste due to the game being cancelled, and I really think they deserve another opportunity.

I only ever played them on Windows 10. I can attest that, they do work out of the box. Except season 1, where you need to do some setup file editing to get things working on the first episode (check out the discussion on Steam). Using the TellTale resolution tool, you can even play in full HD or higher if you like to. (Though the screen fade to black effects aren’t scaled too, which spoils the effect a bit)

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What’s also weird, but not related to Windows 10 (I probably played the first two on XP, maybe on 7?), is that I had to find my season 1 savefile location and put it somewhere else for season 2 to pick up on it.

The original version were not desighed for 16:9 screens. This was updated for console versions and backported to the PC while introducing bugs. Apparently Steam kept the original version because of these bugs.
To play them as intended, you should create a 4:3 resolution and set it with the resolution tool. On a full HD screen, that would be 1440x1080.
And if stupid Windows can’t handle these old games due to DirectX incompatibilities, they run fine in Wine btw…

And what exactly would it pick up?

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