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The (adventure) games on sale thread

I only know Bertram Fiddle and Captain Disaster, which is already a yes.

I can definitely see MI vibes there!

Seems like every single one of those games is worth a try.


Thank you, @Frenzie, @seguso and @Nor_Treblig! Bought. :slight_smile:


All Daedalic games are on sale this week on GOG (which contain a lot of adventure games of course).
So in case you need to complete your collection:


I hear Vampyr has GOG achievements now.

Bitchin’! \m/ It’s now available DRM-free for € 22.50.

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Maize for 5 Euros on Gog:


Not exactly on topic, but the Steam controller is on sale for ~15 (5.50 + 9 shipping).

looks like I was just too late to grab the last of their stock… it was in my shopping cart but then:

ah well… I still have a mouse + keyboard

[edit: when I wanted to close Steam after a few hours, I saw I could order it! And then while filling out payment info, it couldn’t process as it was just out of stock again. But I tried a few times and finally it got through - probably someone else removing it from their cart - sorry for that! Looking forward to using it to play some mouse-driven games. Or sell it for a 10-fold on ebay :grin: ]

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Yesterday I couldn’t manage to pay for it through Steam itself. It timed out with some kind of error, but it worked in Firefox. It never said out of stock though. :slight_smile:

Btw, they say they ship from the Netherlands so € 9 seems awful steep. >_> I figured that whatever, I would have seriously considered buying it even if it was € 25 total but it just feels a bit weird.

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Gog offers several adventure games during his Black Friday sale - including “Yesterday” (new on Gog, btw), “Yestarday Orginis”, “The Next Big Thing” and “Maize”:


There are quite few sold for dirt cheap. I bought The Last Express (it’s a crime I haven’t played it) and the last one with Tex Murphy, which is fairly new. Realistically, I expect to play it when it will be as old as The Last Express is now, and after it has been given for free 11 times.


I’ve started Ghetto Conspiracy and it’s good… the humour and the puzzles are definitely there… the graphics too. The puzzles have just the right difficulty, not too easy… I’m curious to see where it’s going. :slight_smile:


cognition at 80% off on GOG:

all four episodes are included.


Oh and also it’s on sale (50%):


This Humble Bundle is on sale for about 5 remaining days and the proceeds are donated to help Australia.
Minimum price is $25 and it includes some adventure games. Like Euro Truck Simulator 2. No really, there are quite some nice adventure games included!


Related to this there is also another adventure game “on sale” (auctioned) (it’s a good game):

And a book about games:

And here’s another type of game:

3 Likes is one sale again.


There are also a lot of great adventure games in the current week sale:


Certainly pure coincidence, but both Shardlight and Primordia are currently on sale on GOG.

I know my final impression of Shardlight sounds less than favorable, but for the price there’s little to complain. Primordia is cheaper still, and actually the better game. It even has a native Linux version!


Another GOG midweek sale with a lot of adventure games:

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