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It must have been while you were…erm… no… :smile:

Obla-di obla-da !

but she shook me all night long


let’s spend the night together!

You can go your own way!

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It’s just me, myself and I

Don´t think twice, it´s alright!

I’d even say it’s all right now!
So let’s move before they raise the parking rate

:point_up: one of the best lines ever

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Okay then, I´m gonna ride on, looking for a truck.

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Take me home, country roads

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Or hitch a ride on a river boat queen

Learn German for 1 Dollar! Or Italian. Or Spanish. Or Frensh:


Or Englich? :innocent:

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Yesh! :crazy_face:


Turns out my wife doesn’t like it when I speak “Spanish” by speaking French with a few minor changes, like /s/ where the French say /z/ and /e/ when they say /ə/. (E.g., quatorze = kah-tor-seh and imo the principle works reasonably well but of course it doesn’t take you very far.)

You mean “too” :face_with_monocle:

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Either way? :wink:

Yes… even David Fox recommends it.
(By the way, I just checked with Google translator, and the sentence is correctly translated in Italian… what am I missing?)

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Don’t trust Google? :thinking:

Of course, I just checked after Sushi’s remark :grin:

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The word either generally means something closer to or, but it can mean something like “both of the two” as well. It’s probably just related to the way certain idiomatic expressions are built up.

I don’t know either = you don’t know and neither do I. Both of us don’t know.

I don’t know too = not a thing you say. Sorry. :wink:

There’s an exception for either, that you use it in the negative where you might expect too. You could say:

  • David Fox doesn’t know it either.

And you can also say:

  • David Fox knows it too/as well.

But not:

  • David Fox knows it either.

What does work both ways:

  • David Fox also knows it.
  • David Fox also doesn’t know it.

Thank you very much for the clarification!

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