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Yes, well… For all that I know, I might be a character in a SCUMM game. Who plays SCUMM games in a SCUMM game. Much like DoTT and MM. I have played MM in DoTT, so that would mean I am a character in an adventure, who played a character in an adventure, that played an characture in an adventure :thinking:


Rather thimbleweedparkian I would say.

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I’m upping this thread because I just came back from paradise.

I went to l’Asinara, an island north of Sardinia which used to be a high-security prison turned protected nature reserve in 2002. The stay wasn’t easy, I was in a low-comfort hostel which was the guards’ housing, and sharing bathrooms and showers when you have small children is a bit of a pain in the ass, plus the terrains and the distances were a bit too much for my daughters. But the uncontaminated nature offered the best sea I’ve ever seen.


I’m back from Freiburg, Germany. It’s really great if you would like to hike (like I did). Unfortunately I haven’t any pictures for you (at the moment). But you’ll find tons of pictures on the internet - the city is a little bit like Meele Island. :wink:

(Source: Wikipedia)


It looks like a beautiful city, but I look at the crowds of people and can’t help thinking they need to practice more social fish-dancing.


You guys travel? Are you nuts-a-reno?!

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When I lived in Zurich I always wanted to visit it, it was just 1.5h drive away. And there’s Europa Park. But I had no car, and when I bought a car, it was because we were expecting, so it wasn’t the right time to travel :stuck_out_tongue:

I went from an almost Corona-free zone to another almost Corona-free zone, so my conscience is at peace :smile:


It isn’t that crowded, actually the city was pretty empty.


No. As I wrote, I was hiking. There were no people around. And I’ve chosen my destination wisely (like @Guga). But this is a topic for another thread. :wink:

I was just being silly. :slight_smile:
I realize your picture was from Wikipedia. It’s just interesting that’s the first thing I notice with my 2020 corona-vision.

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Happens to me when I watch (older) movies. :wink:

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With hopefully nothing much in between! :crossed_fingers:

That´s all good. I hope Freiburg wasn´t too long of a hike since that might be considerably more to the south from where you are.

You guys take care! Other people can´t see their girlfriend because of all this. :pensive:

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Different time now I guess; I’ve had a car subscription for over 5 years now. A 1.5 h drive would cost me a pretty penny since you pay by the kilometer (gas included), but even so it should cost me less than just insurance for owning a car.

Some people somewhat irrationally say that individual rides cost a fortune, i.e., ~10-20 for 10-15 km and a couple of hours, but the whole point is that I only use a car once or twice a month for short distances, with the very occasional longer distance. On a yearly basis it’s a few hundred.

All in all it was a “special” trip. I can’t explain all the details here, but I planned the whole trip carefully.

Generally speaking, hiking is a great way to spend your vacations during these times. There are a lot of beautiful and easy paths.

I know what you are feeling. :pensive:

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Not going anywhere. I even gave up my car, for good (I think). Well, I did buy an electric scooter. And I have a bike. So it’s up to 50 km range for me. Statistically there is almost no corona in that range.


Do you mind to show us a picture of your scooter? I’m interested in purchasing one, too. Thanks

It’s this one:

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I had one too, before I got kids. But I never used it for vacation, I always preferred trains for long distances.

With kids, car sharing was out of question :stuck_out_tongue: I began using the car more often, and I needed child seats, and so on.

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Some places are only an hour by car vs 3 hours by public transit, or not accessible through public transit at all. From what you wrote I assumed Freiburg was one of those places?

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