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Me and @milanfahrnholz have just been on holiday to the Chiemsee in Germany. We had a really lovely time! We went round the lake on an electric boat, went swimming (not in the lake - the water was too cold!), visited an island with a palace built for Ludwig II of Bavaria, and just relaxed in the sunshine :relaxed:

Here’s some pics:






I’m really happy for you two! :hugs:

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Btw, do you speak English? German? Both? Denglish? :slight_smile:

Mostly English. Sometimes with a deutsches Wort or two mid-sentence. :grin:

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My daughter underwent a tonsillectomy two days ago. This was the view from her room in Lugano’s hospital.

This was the view from Zurich’s hospital when my daughter was born.

Forget your usual resorts, cruises or villages, Swiss hospitals are the new hottest travel destination!


I was born at home, great view there btw, but the view from the nearest hospital definitely isn’t horrible. I couldn’t find a picture from the hospital, so here’s a bird’s view pic.

Boo, hiss! :japanese_ogre:

Me too, in the hospital pictured above.

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WOW! That’s beautiful, and quite unusual for a person of your (supposed) age.
BTW, how old are you?
In Italy I think 99% of the deliveries between the 60es and the early 00s were in hospital. Only recently some people do fancy and expensive home deliveries, but since WWII birth was normally given in hospitals (except for rural areas, maybe). My parents were born in 1944 and 1949, and both were born in hospital (my grandmother was taken to the hospital by a german ambulance, thanks to my grandfather who could speak a good german and gave the soldiers a fuel tank for the trip. My grandmother told me the german soldier who was in the back of the ambulance told her his wife was at term, too, and he didn’t know if he had become father yet).

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I’m Dutch, so not really. :wink: For the same reason I’m significantly more likely to have had my tonsils cut. This random article looks reasonable enough at a glance.

That being said, I would’ve probably been born in a hospital if my mom hadn’t gone through labor in a couple of hours, pretty much every woman’s dream I understand. She called around 2 or 3 when it started. The doctor thought there’d be plenty of time to take the 6 'o clock ferry for a birth sometime late in the morning or afternoon, instead I was born at 5.

I’m the envy of many people from my home island, 'cause most birth certificates say mainland city! :slight_smile:


Why ? :reyes:

Tonsillectomy rates in the Netherlands are some four times higher than in Italy (infra graph p. 99). It was much higher still in the '80s and '90s. Here’s a report about it by the Dutch ministry of finance & economy (§7.4).

In 1998, bijvoorbeeld, werden bij 115 per 10.000 kinderen in Nederland de neus- en keelamandelen verwijderd, resulterend in 33.000 ingrepen per jaar. In Engeland was dit aantal 65 per 10.000 en in Amerika 50 per 10.000 kinderen (Van den Akker, 2004).

It’s one of those things that’s apparently hard to change, like how France & Italy use too much antibiotics, leading to more resistant bacteria. (Belgium also does a lot worse than the Netherlands.)

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Assuming that’s not your daughter on the photo there :joy:

Still have my tonsils!


You’re right. Ilaria looks exactly like Ilaria’s father, while the girl in the picture looks exactly like Ilaria’s mother :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh wow, a lot going on here. It seems like seas and lakes are a common theme, but water is not my element.

At begin of August I was in Paris, on the tracks of a certain dysfunctional cut and thrust weapon.
But also with TWP in my baggage:


So, Ron Gilbert engaged you to be present in Monkey Island game, huh?
How much did he pay you?


No no, he must be a son of the three-headed-monkey. After 28 years the original 3HM would be much more grey.


Three-headed monkeys are actually a hairy species of turtle, known to live for over 150 years. They don’t really start their silvering process until about 120 years of age. Supposedly the Monkey Island three-headed monkey was only in their twenties in the late '80s. I suspect it was actually a fifty-something playing a twenty-something, but either way it’s still decades away from those dreaded silver strands of hair.


*posts a pic with a river behind him*


Yes, river. They have the advantage that bridges are much cheaper than when building them over lakes or seas.

Ron said something about Disney shares…

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…or would have much smaller pixels.

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