Thimbleweed park (not) reaching MI fans

Maybe because it’s more recent, therefore less known, and the price has never been lower than 5 bucks.
All these mad sales on Steam, GOG etc. have spoiled the consumers and have made them stingy


Maybe, but there is a difference between not knowing about a game and not wanting to buy it now / waiting for a sale.
AFAIK Ron perfectly knows how many people have wishlisted the game on Steam (what about GOG?) so he can factor this number in.

Generally speaking, making hypotheses without having data is not how you get this kind of answers in marketing. The reliable way to estimate how many people who played Monkey Island are not aware of Thimbleweed Park is to make a good survey.

You can select a panel of those people and ask them some questions, but while making the survey is relatively easy, selecting just the right audience is tricky, especially if we are talking about a small niche of consumers.

There are ways to solve this issue (you can for example target a more general audience of consumers and “disqualify” those who don’t match your criteria) but the costs increase and the results are less precise.

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Sorry, for posting yet another Simpsons clip, but I find this here really fitting.

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I believe you have memorized each Simpsons episode.
Or simply you are a Matt’s co-worker!

Really only the first 10 seasons. When it was the greatest thing ever.

I´m Matt´s weird fashion sense!

I’m sceptical that you can use/work with these numbers: A lot of people (in the sense of “most”) aren’t using the wish list. For example I’m interested in several games, but I haven’t wishlisted them. :slight_smile:

Generally I agree with @LowLevel: We have to ask Madame Morena if we want to know how many Monkey Island fans are potential buyers of TWP. :slight_smile:

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Me too, I sometimes just used to link the store pages. Weird, I know…

And even she would probably just get high and forget what the question was.

Me too. My bookmarks have always used to be my wishlists as well.

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I prefer Steam wishlist both because I get better game recommendations and because it’s easier to know when some of those games are on sale.

I also purchased Thimbleweed Park for my cousin (who is a friend on Steam) because Steam told me that he had the game in his wishlist.

That’s like saying “sorry for being a decent human being”

A real fan knows that Seasons 11-30 aren’t The Simpsons, but another cartoon that happens to have the same name and characters.

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