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Thimbleweed Park Update 917 is live

Thimbleweed Park patch 1388.917 is out on Steam. GOG will show up today, with Xbox and the App Store following when they are “approved”.

  • Keys 1-6 select dialog choices.
  • Keys 0 and 9 cycle through selecting characters.
  • Disable initializing the controller by putting disableController: 1 in Prefs.json
  • Playable characters do random greetings when seeing each other.
  • Playable characters can TALK TO each other.
  • Call the in-game hint line by dialing 4468 on any phone.
  • Various bug fixes.

Read all about it on the dev blog.


There we more keyboard commands (like the numpad) that I ran out of time, but I’ll save those for another update…

So you haven´t completly abandoned the idea yet? Thank you!

That arcade machines will make it into the next major update, probably when iOS and Android are released.

Thanks again, hoping for this summer!

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Sorry, David. C’est la vie! :slight_smile:

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I am in tears and salivating at the same time.

Starting a new game!

Very cool.

I am going to wait for the update with the arcade (is uncensored Ransome still a thing?), because due to time and life and all that I can not realistically play through the game more than a second time.

Do we expect the update with the working arcade to be the last major update (as in, bigger than bug fixes)?

Yes, the one with the Arcades will be the last Major update. Once the new ports are under control, we’ll look at the uncensored Ransome. It’s not a lot of work, but everyone is real busy.


I have just downloaded TWP version 1389.918 via Steam.
I started a new game, normal mode.

I am in part 2, and noticed that by pressing “0” and “9” keys don’t switch between Agents Ray and Reyes.
Instead, they are activated by “1” and “2” keys.

Besides, if Ray talks to Reyes, it seems that only the “1” key activates the first dialogue line.
Pressing the “2” key doesn’t activate the second dialogue line.
I have noticed that, in the following example, that the second line is activated by pressing the “6” key.

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Good catch, this sounds like the hotkeys are using the original index of the dialog line and not the current display index.

Now I’m thinking of installing GOG Galaxy just because they still haven’t uploaded the new installer…

Yep, this is exactly what it is. I have two functions, one that uses absolute index and one that is relative. I only tested with 6 lines dialogs, and didn’t catch that I used the wrong function (named almost the same thing).

Great update, thanks Ron.
I love to see how you “improve” it more and more. Or better how you include new ideas or react to peopls thoughts. And it was already great at the release.


The 0 & 9 toggle doesn´t work for me. Steam Version, Win10

They work, but you have to set them in Prefs.json. A new build will go up tomorrow morning that fixes these two issues.

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I must say I really admire you for all the work you keep doing on the game. I really missed dialogues among the playable characters, so this is a very precious update for me. Accessing the hint line through the phone makes everything even more “meta”… argh… with.another.theory!!! :smiley:


Chobin… :heart_decoration:

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We had to do it that way first to find out why it wasn’t workable. Learning experience all around. Fortunately I just did hints for the Delores flashback before abandoning the idea.

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I wonder why this is not updaded into my GOG collection… :confused:

GOG needs some time before new versions appear online. I think they need the time to wrap the GOG installer around the games … Just wait a few hours. :slight_smile:

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I thought this affects manual downloads only because they have to create installers.
But I just installed GOG Galaxy and there is no new GOG build in sight, contrary to what Ron said here:

This was a great surprise - can’t believe you guys went to the effort of getting the voice crew back in to add this extra bit of polish. Much appreciated!

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