Top 100 All-Time Adventure Games

I would contribute to a new thread about this topic, because my position on this matter is that I consider MI2 a better game, but I like MI1 more for “sentimental” reasons.

It might be interesting to me to understand how much my preference for MI1 is actually a consequence of nostalgia and how much I consider it a good game from a game design point of view. I’ve never asked myself this question.

I don’t do this either. :slight_smile: But if you reuse something, you shouldn’t just “copy”. A good example is Legend of Kyrandia: The three games are connected but the developers had tried to write a unique story for each game. In MI2 you have nearly the same story as in MI1: Get reputation as pirate (back), solve the puzzle from the Voodoo Lady, defeat LeChuck, get Elaine (back).

Of course. MI2 is a great game! (But MI1 is a little bit “greater” :wink: )

Maybe they should just remove the numbering. So it’s just a list of the X best adventure games.

Then open up a new thread. :slight_smile:

This is an interesting question in general: Do we think that the/some of the old LucasArts games are better just as a consequence of nostalgia? (Sounds like we need another new thread… :wink: )

I am perplexed by you needing to ask this question.

As suggested, I have replied in a new topic :slight_smile:

Next time better create one right away :slight_smile:

Sorry, my fault. I wrote a very long off topic. I fixed this moving it into a new thread.


Not at all. They are better games. But it’s not LucasArts. Even within LucasArts, i value much less those that were not by Ron Gilbert. The only exception is Zak. In particular, I often find combining two objects boring, unless it’s designed by Gilbert.

And this is not by chance: he has rules like “if a puzzle does not inform you about the story or the characters, drop it”. Even what’s interesting can be defined by rules. (Fascinating)

I think it is mostly because of nostalgia. Case in point: I didn’t play many LucasFilms games when I was young, and I don’t have the same affinity to them as many of you do. Consequently, some of the games I would consider best are not from the LucasFilms canon.

Also, I played The Secret Of Monkey Island for the first time as an adult a couple of years ago, and although I really liked it and thought it was very well done, I hardly consider it my favorite. (Yeah, sacrilege, I know.)

You can say that this is purely my subjective opinion (and it is), but so is your comment. :wink:


Thimbleweed Park comes for me very close being a perfect adventure game. I thought about it if it could replace my all-time favourite Zak McKracken but I came to the conclusion it’s not just nostalgia why it keeps my number one. For instance one thing I love about Zak is that you can fail and have to plan your next playthrough better.

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Well, I didn’t say it was just nostalgia, but mostly. :wink:

It is very possible that had you not played Zak when young, you would think differently and put it in more equal footing with Thimbleweed Park.

Of course, that’s completely something we can never know.


Well, “mostly” is exaggerated.
But I also wonder e.g. if I had played the C64 version or the FM-Towns version first: Would I prefer those graphics?

Please allow me to answer for you: C64.

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Sorry, the master in looking back into the logs it’s you… I can’t recall: which version didi you play first? Which one is your favorite? I remember there was a declared fan of the FM-Towns version in here, was that you?

I played EGA first and I love its graphics. It’s crazy what they’ve managed to do with this strange EGA colour palette and how they added lighting. e.g.:

No, that wasn’t me. I don’t like that they’ve changed the kazoo tune and I just like EGA graphics best. But who knows, if I had played the first version (C64 graphics) before EGA it may have been different.

The first version that I had played (of Zak McKracken And The Alien Mindbenders) was on C64.
But my preference is for the EGA version, it’s more beautiful with less colours compared to the FM-towns version.

When did you play the EGA version for the first time? When you were young or recently?

About two years after having completed it on C64, that is in 1990/91. I was young :slight_smile:

Ah, OK, so it was still implanted on your child’s psyche.

I was wondering because it’s not typical for someone who grew up with a hi-res version of a game to actually prefer a lower-res version they discovered as an adult.

That’s more of an observation than a rule. One can totally learn to appreciate the limitations of the past. :slight_smile:


I didnt play Riven, Zork Grand Inquisitor, King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, Still Life and I deeply disagree with the list :).

For one, I really wanted to love Grim Fandango but I just can’t. I don’t know it’s just boring to play. And it’s very childish even though it pretends it isn’t, hmf.

Of course I’m biased but I couldn’t leave out most LF/LA titles and Larry (at least one should fit in). Portal 2 is totally out of genre. It can’t be taken seriously.


I stumbled on that post right now: it was @milanfahrnholz