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Under development adventure games that are worth a mention

That’s only because you keep pushing off playing Memoria :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

But it’s definitely true that gameplay did not make the same advances over time as the presentation of video games. Often enough, it’s worse. In that regard, I’d give 3 Minutes to Midnight at least props for puzzles with alternative solutions and subsequently multiple different endings. Doesn’t say anything about the actual puzzle quality, but at least it’s something to set the game apart from standard P&C adventures. (I think something similar was planned for The Devil’s Men as well :sob:)

3 Minutes to Midnight is in Kickstarter now:

I recommend the €4,900 tier. The €15 pledge is good too.


David Fox recommends it either!

Are they blind? :joy:

No, as they listed their heroes and shining examples which include Gary, David, Steve Purcell, Brian Moriarty - with pictures… I felt a kind of reassurance, like “ok these guys know their stuff” (or they know how to link wikipedia knowledge to a demonic marketing strategy to reach their target audience)

What are these two design flaws? I’m not greatly interested in listening to some long interview.

Edit: never mind, already addressed above. They spotted two design flaws and didn’t point out what they were? Hmm…

Perhaps they’re thinking of something similar to the two “issues” I talked about here (one of which is more feature than flaw anyway): Was TWP too ambitious? Too big/lengthy?

Nope… Here’s what he says… (minute 12:14)

“There were a couple of design mistakes that got me stuck. It took a while to figure out, but those mistakes helped me a lot when designing my game, like, trying to avoid that kind of frustration”


and the host jokes: “well, Ron Gilbert himself in the late eighties wrote about the pitfalls of adventure games… So now you can write part 2”

and he says: “Yes, I mean, I’ve never done a video game before, I used to work on engineering, but I learned so much in these 3 years of making a point and click adventure game that I’m convinced the next one we do will come out smoother and better”


Actually I started, I played 20 minutes, then I don’t recall what happened. Probably “the castle” came out. Then I forgot and played Blackwell Epiphany (very good).

I don’t know… a good puzzle is such a delicate thing, it must balance so many things and they all need to fit together to give you that “a-ha moment”. This kind of puzzle can never have two solutions. Unless the two solutions are basically the same solution (like: put a rat in the stew, or put an old shoe in it)


So basically for all I know the issues could be my favorite part of TWP. That was certainly informative. Not. :stuck_out_tongue:

New trailer for Edgar - Bokbok in Boulzac:

I see your point. That still leaves some possibilities open, though. For example, two different puzzles you have to solve to either obtain the rat or the shoe in the first place. Or imagine being trapped in a room, or otherwise hindered from entering a location: there could be multiple ways out or in, each with its own dedicated puzzle (chain). Think of something like Indy4, except the alternative routes would be much shorter, but appear more often throughout the game.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see whether it turns out as well as the devs would like us to believe :slight_smile:.

That’s actually quite funny. ‘I got stuck, so there must be something wrong with TWP’! Sounds like the kind of people that never had to wrest their food from the mouth of a saber-toothed tiger :wink: .


So you like that font on the sewer wall?
And that puzzle where you had to break into the bank vault by using the bank clock and the Betamax tape to fool the security system?

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But this was the best puzzle in the whole game! :scream:

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Not sure if you’re being facetious, but I thought it looked kind of cool, so yes I do? If we’re talking about the associated “puzzle” I was momentarily confused by the phonebook’s order. As I recall the challenge was how to actually make a call.

It suffered a bit from I picked up that tape hours ago and pretty much forgot all about it syndrome iirc. But which puzzle suffers from sprawl design will be playthrough specific. It’s the sprawl itself that’s both flaw and feature. It’s a flaw because there’s a lot of stuff you’ll near-forget, but it’s a feature because there’s always something else to do while you (subconsciously) ponder the thing that’s got you stumped. I’m inclined to think of it more like a feature but it does make it very hard to pick a game like this back up after a more prolonged break.

The part of the game that stumped me the most was right after you first exit your trailer with Ransome because I misinterpreted the visual clues. I thought the paper flew over further to the left.

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Someone pledged the €4,900 tier! :clap:

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Yes. Twice.

But not gonna ruin my own jokes by explaining them.


I’m surprised no one’s mentioned Chorus yet, a “musical adventure.” I received the e-mail at around 2 AM on Thursday but I didn’t post it because you guys are typically all over this kind of thing. :wink:

At a glance it looks like a take on the Telltale/Oxenfree/Life is Strange/Unavowed formula in a musical format. By the way, I played an actress in Unavowed.

The 13th Doll:



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The Drifter


That one looks cute:


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