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Under development adventure games that are worth a mention

Cleo looks nice and I’m also going to support it!

But beware about those estimations, “for more than a year” will still be true, but expect it to take twice as long. That’s software and game development in a nutshell :slight_smile:


…like “go beep yourself in the beep”, to be quite precise. I honestly thought at a glance that the devs were Italian and the xxx pun was intended. Then I understood it was unintentional


Totally agree, I’ve been in one of these leaky rowboats before.


It will be released on June, 18th:

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I wondered where I have seen this game before!

For clarification because this could be misleading:

On 2020-06-18 the game Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask will be released for free which is a prologue/demo of Saint Kotar.

And on that very same day a Kickstarter campaign for Saint Kotar will start:


Just updated my pledge so everyone will be able to read my name in the guestbook of the McInally Hotel!

Blyts released a demo for Slender Threads on Steam, available until 2020-06-22.

Blyts are the makers of Kelvin and the Infamous Machine:

Kickstarter for Saint Kotar is now live:


Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town

A point’n’click adventure game, a formal love letter to Monkey Island.
A modern graphic-style, “2.5D”, half-open-world, 50 locations to explore.
Published by Imaginarylab.

Plot: Willy Morgan is a son of adventurers and he can only follow in their footsteps: the father disappeared into thin air ten years earlier, the mother is traveling around the world looking for who knows what artifact. The poor Willy, despite his young age, quickly understands the concept of “independence”. The arrival of a letter written by his father ten years earlier, in addition to throwing some doubts on the efficiency of the postal service, will force him to reach nearby Bone Town to investigate the disappearance of the parent. The town, which in the past gave refuge to a pirate gang, is Gothic, decadent and full of secrets. But the brave Willy Morgan, thanks to intuition and his sense of humor, will certainly find a way to deal with it.

Demo available on Steam


Nice clock, not enough ketchup on the walls though:

I THINK it has been influenced by some classic adventure game titles:

Same layout as Calypso's shop:

And this is bascially the MI2 library :-) Hm, those stairs..., would could be up there?

This is the renovated bedroom on Phatt Island, they even repurposed some of the pipes :-)


I’ve played the demo.
You find a rubber hammer, and he says that it’s not useful, it has not even a pulley…


A new p’n’c adventure from Dave Seaman (creator of Captain Disaster) and Aviv Salinas!


Two Kickstarter campaigns are ending soon today:

From the makers of Rainswept:

And from the makers of The Great Perhaps:

Both provide demos.

Edit: Another Kickstarter campaign started recently, not for a video game but a documentary about the Myst series and the Miller brothers:

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Hi there!

The prologue for Nine Witches: Family Disruption is available for free on Steam.

It’s also available for free in the Xbox Summer game fest event until July 27th.

Just to start heating motors, a small taste.


This dude does a good job of showing new trailers for adventure games. Who knew there were so many of them?

NAIRI: Rising Tide is aiming for a 2021 release date but you can already play a prologue on Steam:


Here’s a trailer from a game I’m working on as a sound designer and video editor (also 0:35, that’s my music). It has some arcade elements but it’s mostly a “modern” adventure game with lots of exploration.


Sol 705 just got released…

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