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Under development adventure games that are worth a mention


Unforeseen incidents is out today:

Someone care to try it and tell us if the puzzles are fair and how long it is?


Yes, I will - but not now. :wink:

Until now I’ve found only one German review from a German newspaper:

It is very positive. According to the review the game has humor, “good ideas” and plot twists. It is a mixtures of Twin Peaks and X-files. The time for a walkthrough is longer than in other modern adventure games. They recommend it. The first critics on steam are also very positive.

btw: It’s also available DRM free on GOG:


Oh cool, been wanting to play this. Have to finish Zak first though.



According to the review. :slight_smile: The story and the setting reminded her of Twin Peaks and X-Files. (And a specific area in Germany… :slight_smile: ).

So, yes: If you liked TWP you may want to try Unforseen Incidents. :slight_smile:


I know, wasn’t accusing you :slight_smile:

reminded :slight_smile:

Yeah, it does sound like it has some similarities in terms of the tone and style. I like the outdoor vibe it gives off. I’ll definitely have to check it later.


A mysterious place in germany? Could it be Bielefeld?

Since we´re here and it has been bugging me for a while. Do you really say “Under development”? Shouldn´t it rather be “In development”?




But I assume that she wasn’t ever in the Ruhrgebiet, because it doesn’t look there like in the game.


I think both are okay. In my experience people tend to use ‘under development’ for physical things like buildings, such as a new hotel or something. A bit like ‘under reconstruction’. But for something like a video game I’d say ‘in development’.



There I would say “under construction”. But not “in construction”.

I mean, the “logic” of the language is really weird.


I’m not @tasse-tee :wink: but in software development both terms are used - but mostly “in development”.


I agree! Both are ok, but “in development” is more common for videogames.


You could be… from your username, you could be anyone and everyone!


Yeah, I’ve heard both used. But definitely not ‘in construction’.

People probably started using ‘under development’ because it sounds like ‘under construction’.


I’ve read “under development” if the focus lies on the ongoing process while “in development” means: “it’s not finished”. But I’m not an English expert, so don’t trust me. :wink:


I think it’s one of those grey areas where people have manipulated the meanings over time.

What? In English? Get out!


There’s little logic in language! Most of it is arbitrary.


It probably should be ‘unreleased’ anyway since software development keeps going on for awhile even after release, as we all know…


Well, in the age of early access and Kickstarter the development starts after the release… :wink:


OMG! Robin “the genius” Johnson just started a new adventure game 1) about pirates , 2) with graphics!



That’s quite the qualification. :stuck_out_tongue: What thing he made should I look into?