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What's for dinner?

How do you eat it, with your hands?


After the photo I’d expect him to hand :fork_and_knife: over to an assistant who then feeds him.


Ehm, just to say that I’m not ALWAYS preparing and enjoying fancy meals…

Confession time:
plastic lunch today!


Wow, looks like the most delicious piece of plastic I’ve ever seen. Presentation is king! :slight_smile:.
(And eating plastic is probably good for the environment, too.)


Depends if the :poop: is recyclable


To add something constructive for a change, lo and behold: Dak Dori Tang (spicy Korean chicken stew)!

Followed by freshly made, absolutely non-korean lemon cake.

And in case you’re wondering. Here’s a recipe for the stew. Pretty spicy, so beware. (I substituted the rice wine with regular white wine, and left out the sesame leaves).

And for the cake:
200g sugar
350g flour (I use spelt flour)
1pkg vanilla sugar
1pkg baking powder
4 eggs
250g butter
juice of 3 lemons
zest of 2 lemons

Combine everything except for a bit of the lemon juice, whip and pour into a square cake tin. Bake for 45 to 55 minutes at 160°C in a convection oven. Add powdered sugar into the remaining juice and glaze the cake once it’s out of the form, but still warm.


How about another German classic: Rouladen with dumplings and red cabbage.


Asparagus salad, for all those fed up with sauce hollandaise:


Peel and cook asparagus as usual, then add Italian dressing, some fresh chives (if available) and a spoonful or two of the cooking water. Cover and let rest for a bit, but serve before it cools too much.

Perfect with grilled meat or boiled potatoes.


Nice! Well done.

The thing that makes me curious are the asparagi themselves: I’ve never seen them so big and so white.

The ones that I’ve always eaten are these ones:

they are tight and dark. We find them on the first mountains of the Appennines during Springtime and eat them without peeling. Perfect for omelettes :slightly_smiling_face:.

They are pretty common (“standard”) in Germany.

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Same in the Benelux. :slight_smile:


IAnd in northern Italy, too. @Gffp, I’ve seen the ones you posted, but quite seldom.

I’m curious about what an “italian dressing” is supposed to be. EVO, vinegar and salt, I guess.

EDIT: I watched again the white asparagi… actually the ones common in northern Italy are like those, but quite more greenish. Oh, we also have the purple ones, which are white/purple indeed


Yes. Also some ground pepper and a variety of herbs in my case.

It’s so typical of foodstuff naming that Italian dressing in unknown in Italy :smile:.

Tonight I made risotto for my wife and a girl friend of hers.


Today’s lunch pretends to be Venetian style calf’s liver (according to this recipe), though I guess it’s nothing like the real thing.

Delicious nonethelss :slight_smile:.


I bet it is delicious and I have no reason to think it is worse than “the real thing”.
But there’s one detail that proves it wasn’t made in Italy. Pasta. Pasta is never served as a garnishment, because pasta is considered a soup, not a siding :blush:

Next time, if you want to make it more like the “real thing” I suggest you to use pork or veal liver and to eat it with polenta instead of pasta. I suggest a Merlot red wine with it. And don’t forget to dip your bread in the sauce on the dish when you have finished! :wink:

Somebody gave me as a present 5 kgs of peaches from their garden… so my wife made a nice jam with it yesterday… while today we made a pie:


Looks delicious :yum: Say hello to her from me.

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Hello, pie!



What is in the bottle? Ginger or a lemon? :slight_smile:

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