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I’m planning on exploring this, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. A couple of concerns I have:

  • I want to make sure the text is large enough to be clearly readable on a portable device (like the iPhone)
  • We have room to spare on the bottom of the screen right now, but not so much room above the speakers.


Thanks to our Moderator @Calypso for helping to move the appropriate replies from the “Text Version of Podcasts” topic to this new “Animated Podcasts” topic. But as Sushi warned:

This now affects the number 1 position for most replied to podcast. Let’s see we can beat the record yet again :slight_smile:


An early Christmas present perhaps?

It’s been a while since I posted some progress on the Podcast Animation project. I’ve been able to get a few hours of time into the project in the last few weeks, which has enabled me to restructure the code a bit, and add side facing sprites and walking animations. I’ve added improved randomization for eyes, hands, and body turning, and now have the speakers walking into the recording room at the start of the video. I decided for now to stick with fixed light positions above the speakers in the recording room, but at a reduced light level. I removed the cracks on the recording room window, and removed the mic for now.
I may want to add that back. The sprite head/body alignment is now better automated - fully auto-aligned by algorithm, which turned out to be necessary to make clean walking animation possible. I have the idea of letting the speakers randomly walk about a bit when they aren’t a time when a given speaker isn’t talking for a while, and maybe moving the speaker whose “turn” it is to talk a while to a position where the mic is… I have to experiement with that idea for a bit. This Podcast has an issue at the end because it re-plays the music, and I am not detecting that (yet, I need to see if possible), so Gary looks like he’s “singing” the music because that’s what Rhubarb lip sync thinks is going on. :slight_smile:

Head layers, blinking animations, separate layers or baked into animations?

Great result, it feels much more natural!


Love it… absolutely brilliant!


Small is more.
The smaller you are, the better you get.


Looks really good! You could perhaps write some code to have a few head bobs on every “yeah” at the start of a new speaker? In most cases they use it as an agreeable transition, so a few nods (1 to 3 max) could look natural.

And perhaps something similar for all the [laughs]


And the part near the end, where they think they’ve lost Gary should be custom-animated to have either a light going out, or them getting sunglasses and white sticks (as in that Three Blind Mice cartoon).

But probably that’s a lot of work.


As would be illustrating the story he gives as reason for muting his mic…but it would be mighty hilarious!