The (almost) Real Transcript Podcast #68 (off-topic again)

Coming soon…
Ok Discourse wants me to go on a bit longer…
So the weather is getting better here. Sun cutting through the rain from time to time. Temperatures approaching 20 degrees later this week…


'Scuse me, we already have a thread for that! :wink:

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Yeah, going off-topic in the topic creation post. That must be a first, even for this forum!


Better hurry before I´ve eaten you all up!


Threatning now, are we?

Have some of the pufferfish, it looks delicious.
(Simpsons meme coming up in 10…9…8…)

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7…6…5…ah what the heck, I´ll do it now!

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:smile: I was just searching for one myself, thinking “why does Milan wait so long? I’ll post one myself then…”


That was the first one that came up in my search too, but the one I posted was the first that popped into my head. :slight_smile:

Luckily your spelling checker didn’t correct you for once there… :wink:

Discourse says she hasn´t been here in the last 45 minutes…I mean, I have no idea what you´re talking about! :flushed:

Did you want to use Google’s initial transcription via Youtube like we did for the other Podcasts? I was planning on getting that going, unless you have already done it.


I’m sure Discourse used to show the pre-edit post if you clicked on the ‘edited’ icon, but it didn’t work, hurrumph.

Yeah, you can do it now only for yourself and not others. But in this case the only edit wasn´t by me but by the system for the image upload. I wish I could switch off the mentions that tell me that a local file has been uploaded. Or optically differentiate from mentions for replys at least.


Yeah I think I’ve misunderstood that conversation. All my brain power has been used up in the language thread.

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Oh please do and add it to git.
I went ahead and started in the old-fashioned way, writing every. Single. Word.
Adding the podcast to your playlist on YouTube will also help, as I can skip back a few seconds more easily there.

Right there! “Popped” not “pooped”
Funny how you think I meant @PiecesOfKate by “your spelling checker”, while I literally meant your autocorrect.


But I meant and have always written popped and not pooped?

Why would anyone want to poop on my head?



For our English speaking friends:


Oh, I didn´t know there was an english version! :heart_eyes:

I don´t have one on my desktop.

You have disabled the autocorrection in your browser?

btw: I thought the same - that @Sushi made a reference to @PiecesOfKate.

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