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Complete list of Thimbleweed type games (only 20)


I have been wondering something similar: why did they remove the verbs completely (collapsing them into the hand) instead of just hiding them in a popup menu. (did they think a popup menu with 9 verbs would be too long? then why not make the verbs context-aware, like CruiseForACorpse? maybe they thought the context menu feels too indirect? but the coin is a context-menu.)


I´m looking forward to the day the brackets in this topics title says (only 2347).


Found another one: inherit the earth.

And the fact that Nor Treblig missed it makes me proud.


What about other SCUMM engine titles such as Sam and Max, Full Throttle and the Discworld series?


They don’t use the verb interface.


They may not use the “words” but the verbs are used just in pictographic form. Its still the same classic tried and tested formula. Even DOTT remastered takes the pictographic approach to the verbs, but the concept hasn’t change its just a different visual representation (you can even switch to the old style if you wish for the truly retro experience).


But these are the rules from @toVerbOrNot (cite):

  • Point and click adventure with movable character in 3rd person view.
  • Must have list of at least 6 text verbs visible on screen.
  • Must be 2D or have a 2D feel.


I know, just feel that those rules are wrong, as it excludes some great “Point and Click Adventure” games from the list.


Rule 2.

Feels wrong to me as non-textual verb based games are still “Point and Click Adventure” games, the fact the interfaces use pictographic elements to represent the verbs doesn’t detract from the fact it still uses those verbs.


I don’t think that toVerbOrNot wanted to define what a “PnC adventure game” is. I think that he wanted to play a game and find all the adventure games that share with Thimbleweed Park some visual features, including the type of user interface.

Further, the definition of “PnC adventure game” has been debated in this forum several times and to me it seems that this definition is quite subjective. I’ve read at least one person saying that they don’t consider Machinarium a PnC adventure game, for example. Same goes for Grim Fandango.



I’ve read through the entire thread and have realised this has already been covered with @toVerbOrNot explaining their reasons to others. While I may not agree, there’s no point in going over old ground so will leave it there.

In which case, the first sentence

in the link is just nonsense and confusing to those wanting to find PnC adventure games…


Why do you think that? Don’t you think that the PnC adventure games listed in that page have visual features similar to those that Maniac Mansion has?


Mutation of J.B. is another one.


Yes it is. I do have listed 6 verb as requirement though, but I think I maybe should change that to 5.


I have to confess that I’ve never played this one (yet). But I always wanted to because it just looks gorgeous!


I remember that it needed a pretty high number of floppy disks.


The 3 Microprose games: dragonsphere , Rex nebular and phantom of the Opera.


The box for the Amiga version contained 12 disks:


That’s a lot. As we know, Lucasfilm had been way more restrictive in terms of the number of disks. The costs of floppy disks must have been one of the reasons why they already released their games only on CD-ROM back in 1995.


I disagree.