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Complete list of Thimbleweed type games (only 20)


The German version of Monkey Island 2 came on 6 disks (5,25 inch). AFAIR this was the “record” regarding the number of disks of the PC versions. The all-time-LucasArts-disk-record should be the Amiga version of Indy FoA with 11 disks.

If you want to know the adventure game with the highest number of disks, you should have a look at the Sierra games, especially King’s Quest.


This was one of the best gags!

The reason they chose such (for Lucasfilm) totally unrealistic high disk number was so no one could ever think it’s real and call the help line out of frustration…

…well, that was the theory.


here’s another game to add to the list: KGB:


Is the verbs up all the time, they seem to be strangely placed if its not a context menu?


it is a context menu. and it is first person, now that you make me think of it.

so maybe you are not interested in this. but don’t miss dragonsphere!


Does the just released “Yorkshire Gubbins” fit the bill?

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to get this one. I just broke down and bought it. I like the voice acting.

I also just found on the developer’s web site a link with a free pilot/demo episode, on Game Jolt.


And nothing else? :slight_smile:


I’m sure I’ll like a lot more when I get to play it (hopefully tonight). The voice acting jumped out at me when I saw the Steam page video clips, but so did the art style, animations, and the old familiar 9-verb interface (which I can’t decide if I love or hate).


Thanks for the pointer. I couldn’t resist, I bought it.

Main reason why I bought it :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh - I just played the Verb School tutorial. I have a feeling I’m really going to like this game.





1 curse of enchantia:

2 rex nebular

3 phantom of the opera.


Haven’t heard of Curse of Enchantia (MobyGames) before. It looks nice.
It doesn’t have text verbs though.

I think you mean Return of the Phantom (MobyGames)?


While I haven´t read the book (only saw two of the movie versions) there was a cartoon adaptation in the late 80s that I saw as a kid which is said to be most faithful to the original story. And that one would seem to lend itself great to be made into an adventure game, because it´s full of puzzles, characters discovering secret passages, traversing mazes, having to avoid traps etc etc.


yes, sorry.


Yes, replying to myself - I apologize to everyone else for that. I just wanted to point out that the developer of Yorkshire Gibbins (Stairfall) has made their Verb School tutorial available as a free on-line web-app, so you can check it out and decide if it convinces you to go out and purchase Yorkshire Gubbins. I recommend checking it out:


Me too. It looks interesting indeed.

By the way, I recognized that the cover art is similar to the art from King’s Quest VII:


Wow, the composition of the scene is really identical. :neutral_face:

Even Wikipedia acknowledges that the cover of King’s Quest VII was inspired by Curse of Enchantia.


At least Sierra changed the colors…


…in worse. :confused: