Details are important... (pay attention)


If anyone wants to see the original:


haha, that’s great. If you’re on Twitter @LowLevel … tweet that.

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Ha ha ha ha ha … That’s **beeping** hilarious :ransome:

The very first moment I saw Ransome I thought of that location.

Do you take request? I´d like to see some of the hotel ghosts on LeChucks ship, the style fits.

I noticed LeChuck and Xavier both are ghosts that are in a room looking to the left and guard a hanging object, one a key the other a crystal.

Switch LeChuck for Xavier and the key for the crystal and you got a similar scene.


Nice parallel there.

Guybrush get out of the freaking alley before something bad happens

I don’t know, I have no idea how to use a graphic software and it takes me ages to do even the simplest things with GIMP.

Your idea is brilliant! I’ll give it a try when I have more time.

Oh my god. You had me there for a second. :open_mouth:
Now I want a ransome patch for my SOMI / LCR games :smiley:

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LeChuck is singing “I’m blue, da ba dee da ba dai…”

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I better get that BEEPING Disney money! Hand over the fat cash Mickey BEEPING Mouse & BEEP you Goofy

Be careful, that guy is dangerous!

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Too bad it is a fake. How awesomely meta would it be if they had redesigned Ransome to look like the clown in the MI poster. Now, everything is still possible the way George Lucas revisits Star Wars… a simple MI patch should do the trick!