Silly nerdish questions to which Ron Gilbert will never reply ;-)

Ahoy there, welcome to this new thread.

I have plenty of those questions… but I never recall those, they come into my mind from time to time… I try to break the ice with a random one, please feel free to add yours.

Notice to devs: I wrote “Ron Gilbert” in the topic because it was funny (you know, he’s the grumpy one), but obviously questions could be addressed to any of you involved. And If you wish, you can even answer, too :smiley:

Here we go:
Why does Guybrush “dive off” water to get back onboard Kate’s ship in MI2? Did someone forgot to animate the climbing, or was it a deliberate gag?

I too have questions for our lord and master, @RonGilbert:

  1. do you like the HQ4x filter? I think TWP looks better with it: it looks like a painting and all:

I am just curious what you think. Would it be easy to do via a shader? Would it be a good idea for a 2-year anniversary version? (btw, here I used reshade to activate the filter. To simulate it with photoshop, upscale the image 4times with the nearest-neighbor, then apply the “noise -> median filter”).

  1. Have you ever played Indiana Jones 4? Something tells me you haven’t. (For example, if you had, you would not have left out inter-PC dialogs in the first version of TWP, in fear they could become like a hint system. Indy4 is the triumph of inter-pc dialogs and how they can improve the experience)

If you did play Indy4, what do you think of it?